Monday, June 23, 2014

A Fort Worth Weekend

We made a trip to Fort Worth this weekend to visit my brother Matt and sister-in-law MaryAnn! We were happy to be their first guests at their beautiful new house and even got to help them break in their pool!

Jackson and Matt's dogs were perfect playmates! Jackson discovered that if you spray water with the water squirter, the dogs would chase after the water. This game went on for probably an hour with Jackson squirting and the dogs chasing all over the yard. If you are wondering who got tired first, it wasn't Jackson! And you should have heard the giggles. Somebody get this boy a dog! (Preferably a really cute smallish poodle mix that is already housebroken and obedience trained, please and thank you!)

Later that evening Matt and MaryAnn treated us to a fun concert at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Both boys enjoyed the music, snacks, and getting to hang out with their aunt and uncle.

But I think the fireworks that followed the concert were the highlight of the night!

The next day we had grand plans to visit the Stockyards to see the cattle drive but the rainy weather required a change of plans. Instead, Uncle Matt took Jackson to pick out a birthday present, and Jackson's birthday wish finally came true. He got his bow and arrow he had been asking for! Just look at that face...pure joy and delight!
Best. Present. EVER.

I wish I were a better photographer because words can't describe how happy and excited he was to practice shooting his bow with his Uncle Matt!

Thank you Matt and MaryAnn for a wonderful weekend and all of your hospitality! We had a wonderful time and Jackson is already asking when we can go back!

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