Monday, June 30, 2014

Slowdown Saturday

Summers around here are busy. Between my crazy work schedule, weekend travel and other obligations, it's pretty rare that we just have a whole day with no where to be. 

Saturday was just such a day and we soaked it up, starting with some pool time with our best friends.

Andrew at the pool is just like Andrew on land--not entertained by any one thing for very long and in constant motion. He hops from the big pool, to the baby pool, to the splash pad, and back again. As we say often, he's lucky he is cute and sweet because!

Jackson's favorite pool activity is when I throw him up in the air (but bring him down gently instead of letting him splash in the water--he's not a huge fan of going underwater) and riding on my back through the deep end. Fun for Jackson + good and fun workout for mommy = win win!

Our afternoon was filled with a simple lunch, LONG naps for the boys (and even short ones for the grown-ups!), a trip to the library and easy play time around the house. Later in the evening, we hitched up the bike trailer and rode our bikes the one mile to the nearby frozen yogurt place. The boys thought this was the coolest thing ever...riding our bikes to actually GO somewhere!

This respite of a Saturday with the family to slow down, relax and enjoy each other was exactly what we all needed!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Remember the Alamo!

Jackson has been learning about Texas at school this week. So naturally, when Daddy found his old army men for Jackson to play with, he quickly staged them into the heroic defenders of the Alamo.

Andrew on his ride-on toy was Santa Anna and the mighty Mexican army.

I doubt Santa Anna was ever this cute.

Colonel Travis was clearly not pleased about the enemy attacks (or the paparazzi taking pictures of his army).

Perhaps Jackson took the liberty of rewriting history just a bit (he is a Texan, afterall). In his version, all of the Alamo heroes became pirates led by Captain Jack Sparrow and hid from Santa Anna on Treasure Island.

Or something like that.... ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jackson's 4 Year Check-Up

Jackson had his four year old check-up at the doctor last week, so we have official updated stats:

Height: 3 ft, 3 inches (22nd percentile and 2.75 inches grown since last year)

Weight: 32 pounds, 8 oz (20th percentile and 2 pound gained since last year)

He cooperated beautifully for the entire appointment but went a little ballistic when it was time for the shots. What's crazy though is now he won't have to get any more regular immunizations until he is 11! Crazy!

(As a side note, 20 month old Andrew also stepped on the scale while we were at the doctor and he was 30.5 pounds--the same that Jackson weighed at his 3 year check-up!)

We also updated our growth chart at home tonight. Jackson loves to hear about how much he has grown. If he ever wakes up grumpy in the morning, I will exclaim "oh my goodness! Look how much you grew last night!" He giggles and beams and his grumpiness is generally forgotten (momentarily at least). 

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Fort Worth Weekend

We made a trip to Fort Worth this weekend to visit my brother Matt and sister-in-law MaryAnn! We were happy to be their first guests at their beautiful new house and even got to help them break in their pool!

Jackson and Matt's dogs were perfect playmates! Jackson discovered that if you spray water with the water squirter, the dogs would chase after the water. This game went on for probably an hour with Jackson squirting and the dogs chasing all over the yard. If you are wondering who got tired first, it wasn't Jackson! And you should have heard the giggles. Somebody get this boy a dog! (Preferably a really cute smallish poodle mix that is already housebroken and obedience trained, please and thank you!)

Later that evening Matt and MaryAnn treated us to a fun concert at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Both boys enjoyed the music, snacks, and getting to hang out with their aunt and uncle.

But I think the fireworks that followed the concert were the highlight of the night!

The next day we had grand plans to visit the Stockyards to see the cattle drive but the rainy weather required a change of plans. Instead, Uncle Matt took Jackson to pick out a birthday present, and Jackson's birthday wish finally came true. He got his bow and arrow he had been asking for! Just look at that face...pure joy and delight!
Best. Present. EVER.

I wish I were a better photographer because words can't describe how happy and excited he was to practice shooting his bow with his Uncle Matt!

Thank you Matt and MaryAnn for a wonderful weekend and all of your hospitality! We had a wonderful time and Jackson is already asking when we can go back!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jackson's Special Day

Jackson's actual birthday fell on Monday, so we decided to take the day and make it all about him.

We dropped Andrew off at school that morning and then first took him to get donuts--a rare treat! What Jackson enjoys even more than eating donuts is watching the workers make the donuts...and dance around on the "stage" in front of the windows which overlook the kitchen area.

He put away 9 donut holes!

After breakfast, we went to see How to Train your Dragon 2. Jackson was sooooooooo excited about this and loved the movie! He was absolutely loving the day that was all about him. Several times during the movie he leaned over and said "I don't have to go to school, right? I just get to stay with you and daddy all day, right?"

After the movie, unfortunately I had to get to work. We had the first of 2400 students for the week showing up that afternoon and I couldn't miss my weekly staff meeting. So we decided to grab some lunch on campus before the boys headed home.

After lunch, the boys headed home for a nap followed by some experiments for our budding scientist. He got this science kit for his birthday and it couldn't be more perfect for him (Thanks Aunt Judy!) He LOVED making the chemical reactions, learning how/why it worked, and I don't think I have ever seen anyone look cuter in lab goggles!

When I got home, we gave Jackson his birthday present from us--a new glider swing for the swing set...or as he calls it his "horsey swing"!!!

We were so blessed to get to spend the day with our precious firstborn to celebrate him! How quickly the last four years have passed since we first laid eyes on this handsome boy and spent our first moments together with just the three of us!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dragon Slaying...and presents!

The one other request that Jackson made regarding his party was to slay a dragon. ....???? Thank goodness I was able to find this dragon pinata on Amazon! After the party and dinner, we returned to our house with just family to take care of that dragon and open some presents.
Jackson may have been told that he had to take a picture before
he could slay the dragon. You can tell how cooperative he felt.
All the dragon slayers lined up for their turn against the fierce dragon.

Most everyone got some good whacks in...

...but I do believe that the birthday boy had the best facial expressions!

Following the dragon slaying, Jackson got to open his presents from his family and friends. My goodness this boy got spoiled. And friends and did well! There were several exclamations of "this is just what I've always wanted!"
Who's more excited in this picture...Jackson or mom? =)

What a fun day!!

Jackson's Knights and Dragons Party

On Saturday, we got to celebrate our birthday boy with a party with all of his friends and family at the local kid gym. Months ago he declared that he wanted a knights and dragons party, so we happily put together a royal bash for him!

Each knight or princess was given a royal sword upon their arrival and they were a hit! I don't think the swords left most of the boys' hands for the entire party...
Jackson's teacher made him a birthday crown at school
and he insisted on wearing it to his party too! 

And I do mean boys young....

and old....

The foam pit was fun for all too!

Some of the guests checked out the various gymnastics equipment too!

Good thing Annabelle had a spotter!

The giant slide was fun for all too! Sweet Andrew kept up with all of the big kids step for step.

Once everyone had worked up quite an appetite it was time for snacks! Jackson requested fruit, cheese and cupcakes. So that's what we did!

All the kiddos got a cupcake with a knight or dragon on top.

We sang happy birthday and Sir Jackson blew out all FOUR candles like a pro.

The other thing that Jackson requested for his party was to take a picture on the throne with all of his friends. Wish granted...sorta. This was the best we could do at getting everyone to gather for a picture....

Happy Birthday Sir Jackson! I hope your royal bash was everything you had been dreaming of!