Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

We enjoyed a really wonderful Mother's Day Weekend. 

On Saturday morning, we made a trip to Target and bought a shelf and some bins to organize all of the toys that have taken over the back porch. It made my Type A heart very happy. That exciting errand was followed by a picnic at the park and a little play time for the boys. We left when Jackson said "I'm ready to go home for my nap now". =) 

During nap, Justin assembled the shelf and blew up the boys' slip and slide. The boys played outside for nearly 2 hours. While the boys played, I simultaneously responded to exclamations of "look at me mommy!" and read my book. It was lovely!

While we were outside, Justin cooked my favorite meal--chicken parmigiana. Soooo yummy. 

Everybody made happy plates (it's seriously that good), so we went for a little fro-yo after. Jackson ate all of his gummy worms out of the ice cream and was done. Andrew smiled and waved at everyone in the store, then ate Jackson's leftovers. They are a good pair. =)

On Sunday morning, I woke up to the sounds of Justin getting out of bed and Jackson nudging me awake and whispering in my ear "mommy, you have to stay asleep so we can make you breakfast in bed". Justin reported that he was a big help in the kitchen! They made me chocolate chip waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and loaded scrambled eggs. So good! Justin reports that Jackson was actually eager and helpful this year--at least as helpful as a not-quite-4-year-old can be in the kitchen!

And of course there were handmade gifts of all sorts! Here are Jackson's creations...I am so impressed by his stick figures (the first of their kind) and his self-written (albeit traced) name!

They also had the kids fill in an "All About Mom" questionnaire. Apparently I cook a mean grilled cheese and my viewing of "Center Stage" a few months ago had a lasting impact on him! Also, we really must work on his pronunciation of "th-" sounds because I am most definitely not 40, but that is how he pronounces 30!

And sweet Andrew melted mommy's heart with his creations as well! Precious hands and feet to treasure forever!

Later, we made our first trip to the splash pad of the season.

It really was a great weekend. These boys are such a blessing to me every day and I am so lucky to be their mommy!

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