Saturday, May 3, 2014


Back in the fall, I bought this butterfly habitat that came with a code you redeem for caterpillars. You then get to watch them grow, go through metamorphosis, and then release them when they become butterflies. Neat, right?

Shortly after Spring Break when the weather started to warm up we ordered our caterpillars. Over the next few days we watched our five caterpillars grow and grow and grow. This part was actually kind of boring because they didn't do much. As it turns out, caterpillars are pretty sedentary. Who knew? One morning we woke up and they had all formed their chrysalides. So, then more waiting. 

Finally they emerged as butterflies. I'm sad to say we missed the actual emerging. It happened one day when we were at work/school. For the next few days we fed them sugar water and watched them flit around the habitat. No one was more fascinated/tortured by the butterflies than our kitty, Gracie. She was absolutely obsessed. She would sit under the habitat, meow at them, and then lunge. They were securely out of her reach, but she kept trying! It's the most exercise she's gotten in a long time!

We decided to release them just before we left for our long Easter Weekend.

Before we released them, Andrew wanted to go in for a closer look...

One flew out right away but the others needed a little nudge. We all enjoyed getting to check out each one.

So long, butterflies! We enjoyed watching you grow!

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