Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy 19 Months Andrew!

Another month has gone by and sweet Andrew continues his fearless march to the big TWO!

And let me tell you, those terrible twos certainly don't seem far off. Don't let these happy, smiling pictures fool you...beware his wrath when he does not get his way!

Besides throwing some spectacular tantrums, Andrew has been quite busy this month! He got a new tooth and is working on three more, which certainly could be contributing to his irritability. He's also figured out how to turn doorknobs and open doors, which has led to more toddler-proofing. Of course the doorknob covers are also preschooler-proof, which frustrates Jackson.

Andrew's verbal comprehension is excellent. He points to the right picture in books when I ask him to, and he follows instructions very well. He really enjoys books now and we can read several longer books together before he loses interest. He is starting to say more and more including "Jack!", much to the delight of big brother. The cutest in the last few days is how instead of saying "Dada" as he's done for months he now fully enunciates the "Daddeee".

He's a friendly kid, waving hi and bye bye to people we pass on the sidewalk or strangers in the grocery store. He loves things that go and the sound of an airplane flying overheard gets his attention every time, even when it's far off in the distance and we can barely hear it. He also loves going outside and balls. He's got a strong arm and throws overhanded with impressive accuracy for a one year old!
I included this picture because his pose is totally me. My mom always called me spaghetti legs as a kid and I still have a tendency to sit in strange positions!
It's probably a growth spurt, but I love this boy lately because he's been sleeping in until 9 or later on the weekends! Jackson still wakes up early but is happy to watch cartoons for as long as we let him, so we've been enjoying getting to sleep in! Now if only we could have some free weekends to actually take advantage of this phenomenon....

Each month seems to go by faster than the last. Hopefully mom and dad can keep up with this boy! Happy 19 months precious Andrew!

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