Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fun with Friends

Our boys have great friends! 

If you ask Jackson who his best friend is, it will always be, without a doubt, Jillian. Conveniently and not at all coincidentally, her mommy is MY best friend so we get these two together as often as our busy schedules allow.

On this evening, it was a weeknight dinner and frozen yogurt.

And silly faces....

And sweet hugs....

While Jackson is seeing Jilly more these days since they now go to the same school, he's been missing his old school friends like crazy and had been begging for a play date. April was crazy, but the first weekend in May we made plans to make it happen and were delighted when all his friends could come!

So last Saturday morning, we found ourselves supervising 6 boys under age 4! It was actually really fun, but let's just say that we all needed a nap that afternoon!

Jackson is really into Frozen right now and especially loves the "Frozen Heart" song at the beginning where the ice workers are harvesting the ice. So when I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew it would go over well with Jackson and his friends. I made two big blocks of ice with little plastic animals frozen inside. The boys loved it and it kept them occupied for at least 45 minutes! Play date win!

Rescuing all those animals out of the ice worked up quite an appetite, so the boys enjoyed a back porch picnic snack.

Most importantly, Jackson was a happy kid for getting to spend the morning with all of his buddies!

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