Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Easter!

Jackson woke up at the crack of dawn on Easter morning, running into our room exclaiming "Mommy, Daddy, the Easter bunny came!" Andrew hadn't slept well that night which meant we also had not slept well, and were really hoping to snooze for a while longer. Since Andrew was finally sleeping soundly, we asked Jackson if he could wait just a little while to go downstairs to check out the Easter baskets. In the most pitiful whimper he said "I caaaaaaaaaaaan't"...we almost believed him that he was actually physically unable to wait. But he did agree to watch some cartoons on daddy's phone though until Andrew woke up. 

Finally, it was time to see what the Easter Bunny brought them! Jackson was very excited about his new bubble gun, and Andrew was thrilled with his light up wand.

But Jackson declared that the book "The Bad Case of Stripes" was "just what he wanted!!!!" (I believe he read this book every day at his old school so he's really been missing it.) Well done, Easter Bunny, well done.

We don't do a lot of candy (actually, none this year), but the boys got eggs filled with little Toob toys, a book or two, outside chalk, bubbles, and a favorite snack (Cheetos).

Easter provides a great excuse to put my boys in ties. While not the least bit practical, if I could put them in a tie every day I totally would. Oh, and don't let Jackson's charming, cooperative smile fool you. That was his one smile and it just went downhill from here.

The closest we got to an actual smile from both boys at the same time...and of course it was with their Pop.

Y'all, this is real life...

Well, we tried anyways.

After church there was a grand feast and another visit from the bunny. Much to Jackson's delight, this bunny didn't forget the candy!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter as well!

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