Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Celebration at the Bush Library

Last weekend was Texas A&M's Parents' Weekend and I was occupied with various events for much of the weekend. But that didn't stop the boys from getting out and enjoying the Easter celebration hosted by the city and the George Bush Library. 

Jackson remembered that he sat on the pink bunny last year, so decided they would visit with the grey bunny this year.

The bounce house is always a hit with our boys. My only wish is that they photographed better! Look at that grin!

The egg hunt itself was a bit chaotic, but Jackson was super into the games this year...although I'm not sure that he quite gets the point of the egg walk yet!

The day was extra fun because they were joined by cousin Evie, Tristan, Scarlette, Aunt Melly and Uncle Josh.

It's not easy wrangling two little ones on your own, but this guy makes it look easy. Way to go Superdad!

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