Monday, April 14, 2014

Drew the Tank at 18 Months

I took Andrew for his 18 month check-up last week. He has done a good job of maintaining his linebacker physique!

Official 18 Month Stats:
Weight- 28 lbs, 6oz (92nd percentile)
Height- 2ft, 9.5 in (84th percentile)
Head circumference- 47.25 cm (45th percentile)

He's now in a size 5 diaper, a size Jackson never wore. Of course, he already weighs a pound more than big brother did at 2 1/2 when he potty trained! He's also moved into 3T jammies, but still holding steady in 24 month and 2T clothes.

And boy, does he think he's big too! He tries to do everything that Jackson does and is mostly successful. Check out this little one's teeth-brushing skills...

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