Monday, April 21, 2014


Saturday was our annual crawfish boil--no doubt the culinary highlight of our Easter weekend. But eating crawfish is more than just a's an experience and all-day-long fun! 

Upon arrival, the live crawfish must be soaked and purged...and inspected thoroughly.

Jackson's description of (and excitement regarding) crawfish:

Jackson has been interested in the crawfish since he was a just a little guy. And last year, he thought it was fun to play with the cooked ones. But this year, he discovered that the live ones are where the real action is at! Daddy showed him how to safely pick them up out of the water and then our little Cajun boy couldn't get enough!

Especially when he discovered that his cousin Evie did not share his fondness for his crustacean friends.

Such. A. Boy.
Andrew was very interested too!

And of course he thought, "if brother can pick them up, so can I!" Despite our warnings though, he had to learn the hard way that there is a technique to picking them up that is beyond the precision of his pudgy one year old hands. After getting pinched, he went and sat dejectedly alone. Poor baby!

But nothing a little walk with his Uncle Josh couldn't fix! Andrew loves his Uncle Josh (aka: his linebacker mentor)!

After the crawfish, the ladies went into town to get mani/pedis. Upon arriving back at the cabin in the woods, we were greeted by this cute trio. Do you think those boys missed me one tiny bit? Not a chance!

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