Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

Well, it's been over a week since I blogged. I have some good stuff to share from the last week, but I thought I would start by sharing what had been occupying all of my time last week!

About 8 weeks ago, a group of parents from Andrew's school got together and created an idea for a fundraiser--Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. Justin and I each took on roles on the committee, working to create this program from scratch. Now, I am a pretty seasoned event planner, but an 8 week timeline for a major, brand new event is pretty ambitious. The committee was fantastic though and we managed to pull it off!

We had an early morning call-time, and knew we would be busy throughout the event, so reinforcements for taking care of the boys was a must. Thankfully, Nana was available and willing to come to town for the weekend to help out. While I was helping make hundreds of pancakes and Justin was taking tickets, Nana, Grandma Ann and the boys got to meet the Easter Bunny!

Everyone enjoyed the photo booth...

Especially this little one!

In addition to a yummy breakfast and the Easter Bunny, there were lots of fun games and crafts for the kids to enjoy. By all accounts, it sounded like everyone had a good time! The event was a success and the kids had a good time which was the main priority, but like all of my big events, I was just glad when it was OVER. =)

The event space is right next door to the Natural History Museum, so of course Jackson talked Nana into a visit! On this trip, they got to meet a snake!

The report from Nana is that Andrew was a little more hesitant than Jackson was to touch the snake. Boy after my own heart.

But the talk of the museum (from Jackson anyway) is the new dinosaur. "There's a new dinosaur mommy! A pteranodon, mommy, come see!"

Thankfully, their big morning with the Easter Bunny, snakes and dinosaurs wore them both out so we all got to take long naps that afternoon!

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