Monday, April 21, 2014

A {Really} Good Friday

The boys' schools were closed on Good Friday, so we just had to take the day off work and enjoy a long weekend at the "cabin in the woods" with my mom and dad. Darn. We haven't gotten to head home to the Pineywoods since Christmas, so we were excited to make the trip.

But no one was more excited than Jackson. He insisted on packing his suitcase as soon as we got home from school on Wednesday. The result of Jackson packing his own suitcase included: a book, his rock collection, 2 rubber duckies, Mater truck, a plastic spoon, a plastic teacup, a flashlight, a nasal aspirator and a toy bus. All clothes were picked out by him but prompted by mom. Priorities, people!

We arrived on Thursday night after surviving a major catastrophe. We had promised Jackson all week that he could watch Frozen in the car on the way to Gram and Pop's. But when we went to plug in the portable DVD player, it wouldn't turn on. Further investigation revealed a short in the cord (investigation accompanied by much weeping and wailing). Cue detour to Radio Shack. Justin actually walked in and told the salesperson "We are having a Frozen emergency!" The salesperson knowingly nodded and we were quickly back on the road.

On Friday morning, Pop and Jackson quickly got to work on the tractor.

Jackson was satisfied just getting to ride on the tractor with Pop...and then he got to drive! He was in heaven.

After Pop and Jackson finished up, we took a trip into town to visit the azalea garden. We were about a week too late to catch the azaleas at their peak but it was still lovely and we all enjoyed the walk. I forget how much I miss the smell of pine trees!

Notice someone missing from the picture above? Jackson was not feeling cooperative. Since he woke up at the crack of dawn to not miss a second with his Pop, by late morning he was already ready for his nap.

Andrew didn't mind that Jackson was pouting--it meant he got his Grammy and Pop all to himself!

Our next stop was the duck pond. When Andrew started eating all of the bread intended for the ducks, we knew it needed to be a quick visit since it was definitely lunch time!

Later, just before sunset, Justin and I left the boys with Grammy and Pop and we took the 4-wheeler down to the lake to enjoy the scenery (and the peace and quiet--a rare commodity with our two boys).
Grateful for a few peaceful minutes with this guy!

I'm always in awe of the difference five minutes makes when watching a sunset....

If the sunset alone wasn't enough of a beautiful end to a wonderful, blessed day, next we had smores around the fire pit. Yes, a sunset and smores. Be jealous.

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