Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Easter!

Jackson woke up at the crack of dawn on Easter morning, running into our room exclaiming "Mommy, Daddy, the Easter bunny came!" Andrew hadn't slept well that night which meant we also had not slept well, and were really hoping to snooze for a while longer. Since Andrew was finally sleeping soundly, we asked Jackson if he could wait just a little while to go downstairs to check out the Easter baskets. In the most pitiful whimper he said "I caaaaaaaaaaaan't"...we almost believed him that he was actually physically unable to wait. But he did agree to watch some cartoons on daddy's phone though until Andrew woke up. 

Finally, it was time to see what the Easter Bunny brought them! Jackson was very excited about his new bubble gun, and Andrew was thrilled with his light up wand.

But Jackson declared that the book "The Bad Case of Stripes" was "just what he wanted!!!!" (I believe he read this book every day at his old school so he's really been missing it.) Well done, Easter Bunny, well done.

We don't do a lot of candy (actually, none this year), but the boys got eggs filled with little Toob toys, a book or two, outside chalk, bubbles, and a favorite snack (Cheetos).

Easter provides a great excuse to put my boys in ties. While not the least bit practical, if I could put them in a tie every day I totally would. Oh, and don't let Jackson's charming, cooperative smile fool you. That was his one smile and it just went downhill from here.

The closest we got to an actual smile from both boys at the same time...and of course it was with their Pop.

Y'all, this is real life...

Well, we tried anyways.

After church there was a grand feast and another visit from the bunny. Much to Jackson's delight, this bunny didn't forget the candy!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter as well!

Monday, April 28, 2014

An Egg-cellent Saturday

We had a BUSY week last week and I'm playing catch-up. So let's just pretend I posted this a week ago, mmmkay?

The Saturday of our Easter weekend was all about eggs! The cousins were all excited about their egg hunt, but not so excited about taking a picture before we would let them go!
I love how Evie is totally judging her uncooperative cousins. You can just see her thinking "boys, just get it together for one picture so we can go hunt these eggs!"

And then they were off!

Later that evening, Jackson and I dyed eggs. I'm not quite brave enough to include Andrew in this activity yet! Jackson enjoyed making a special egg for each member of our family and mixing the colors.

And mom even got a kiss!

When it was time for Jackson to touch the not-quite-dry eggs to apply the stickers, I got smart and just took his shirt off! No more worries!

Monday, April 21, 2014


Saturday was our annual crawfish boil--no doubt the culinary highlight of our Easter weekend. But eating crawfish is more than just a meal...it's an experience and all-day-long fun! 

Upon arrival, the live crawfish must be soaked and purged...and inspected thoroughly.

Jackson's description of (and excitement regarding) crawfish:

Jackson has been interested in the crawfish since he was a just a little guy. And last year, he thought it was fun to play with the cooked ones. But this year, he discovered that the live ones are where the real action is at! Daddy showed him how to safely pick them up out of the water and then our little Cajun boy couldn't get enough!

Especially when he discovered that his cousin Evie did not share his fondness for his crustacean friends.

Such. A. Boy.
Andrew was very interested too!

And of course he thought, "if brother can pick them up, so can I!" Despite our warnings though, he had to learn the hard way that there is a technique to picking them up that is beyond the precision of his pudgy one year old hands. After getting pinched, he went and sat dejectedly alone. Poor baby!

But nothing a little walk with his Uncle Josh couldn't fix! Andrew loves his Uncle Josh (aka: his linebacker mentor)!

After the crawfish, the ladies went into town to get mani/pedis. Upon arriving back at the cabin in the woods, we were greeted by this cute trio. Do you think those boys missed me one tiny bit? Not a chance!

A {Really} Good Friday

The boys' schools were closed on Good Friday, so we just had to take the day off work and enjoy a long weekend at the "cabin in the woods" with my mom and dad. Darn. We haven't gotten to head home to the Pineywoods since Christmas, so we were excited to make the trip.

But no one was more excited than Jackson. He insisted on packing his suitcase as soon as we got home from school on Wednesday. The result of Jackson packing his own suitcase included: a book, his rock collection, 2 rubber duckies, Mater truck, a plastic spoon, a plastic teacup, a flashlight, a nasal aspirator and a toy bus. All clothes were picked out by him but prompted by mom. Priorities, people!

We arrived on Thursday night after surviving a major catastrophe. We had promised Jackson all week that he could watch Frozen in the car on the way to Gram and Pop's. But when we went to plug in the portable DVD player, it wouldn't turn on. Further investigation revealed a short in the cord (investigation accompanied by much weeping and wailing). Cue detour to Radio Shack. Justin actually walked in and told the salesperson "We are having a Frozen emergency!" The salesperson knowingly nodded and we were quickly back on the road.

On Friday morning, Pop and Jackson quickly got to work on the tractor.

Jackson was satisfied just getting to ride on the tractor with Pop...and then he got to drive! He was in heaven.

After Pop and Jackson finished up, we took a trip into town to visit the azalea garden. We were about a week too late to catch the azaleas at their peak but it was still lovely and we all enjoyed the walk. I forget how much I miss the smell of pine trees!

Notice someone missing from the picture above? Jackson was not feeling cooperative. Since he woke up at the crack of dawn to not miss a second with his Pop, by late morning he was already ready for his nap.

Andrew didn't mind that Jackson was pouting--it meant he got his Grammy and Pop all to himself!

Our next stop was the duck pond. When Andrew started eating all of the bread intended for the ducks, we knew it needed to be a quick visit since it was definitely lunch time!

Later, just before sunset, Justin and I left the boys with Grammy and Pop and we took the 4-wheeler down to the lake to enjoy the scenery (and the peace and quiet--a rare commodity with our two boys).
Grateful for a few peaceful minutes with this guy!

I'm always in awe of the difference five minutes makes when watching a sunset....

If the sunset alone wasn't enough of a beautiful end to a wonderful, blessed day, next we had smores around the fire pit. Yes, a sunset and smores. Be jealous.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Celebration at the Bush Library

Last weekend was Texas A&M's Parents' Weekend and I was occupied with various events for much of the weekend. But that didn't stop the boys from getting out and enjoying the Easter celebration hosted by the city and the George Bush Library. 

Jackson remembered that he sat on the pink bunny last year, so decided they would visit with the grey bunny this year.

The bounce house is always a hit with our boys. My only wish is that they photographed better! Look at that grin!

The egg hunt itself was a bit chaotic, but Jackson was super into the games this year...although I'm not sure that he quite gets the point of the egg walk yet!

The day was extra fun because they were joined by cousin Evie, Tristan, Scarlette, Aunt Melly and Uncle Josh.

It's not easy wrangling two little ones on your own, but this guy makes it look easy. Way to go Superdad!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Snow Cones of the Season

We recently enjoyed our much anticipated first snow cones of the season!

Gone are the days when I could order a clear colored snow cone for Jackson to minimize the mess. Oh no, he requested a strawberry snow cone. Of course. 

Jackson was concerned that Andrew didn't get his own snow cone. Andrew instead got to sample everyone else's, but perhaps Jackson's concern was valid.

At first, Jackson was a little reluctant to share...

but decided that one little bite would be ok...

Andrew wasn't satisfied with one bite though and when Jackson wouldn't share, he took matters, or at least the spoon, into his own hands!

Poor Jackson! We did eventually wrestle his spoon out of Andrew's grip, but maybe Andrew will need his own snow cone sooner than we had planned!