Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break Fun with Nana

Nana made her annual Spring Break trip to College Station last week. It's a huge help that she can be here when the boys don't have school but we have work, and they love getting to spend Nana/Grandsons Only time with her!

It was Jackson's idea to go to the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History (Nana took him there once or twice before), so that's where they headed on their special day!

Jackson is still talking about the leopard and the baboon fighting....

And Jackson and Andrew were both fascinated by the bees! From what I understand, there is a pipe that goes to the outside, so the bees can go in and out, but the hive is between panes of glass so you can watch the colony at work. Neat, huh?

Nana takes her job of spoiling the boys seriously. How happy do these kiddos look scarfing down the cupcakes that she brought with her??
Andrew made sure that not a speck of cupcake was left behind!

Cupcakes are best eaten when accompanied by a hand flourish.

More Spring Break fun is coming up next!

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