Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Being a boy's mom

Being a boy's mom means embracing dirt, gasping over caught lizards, and emptying playgrounds full of rocks out of shoes and pockets. It's about wrestling matches, hours spent building and rebuilding wooden train tracks and tripping on matchbox cars It means scrubbing dirty fingernails and attempting to tame cowlicks while the bearer squirms away. It's exclaiming about every fire truck, police car or ambulance that whizzes by. It's marveling at how any object can become a toy gun, fretting over how quickly jeans come home with holes in the knee, and accepting the constant quest to wield the biggest stick in the park. It's fort-building, it's puddle-splashing, and it's LOUD.

But it also means having this mama's heart melt in an instant.

I wouldn't trade being a boy's mom for anything.

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