Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First Trip to the Dentist

Some families go on exciting, exotic trips during Spring Break...our kids are the lucky ones who will reminisce about fun trips to the dentist instead! Woohoo!

Nonetheless, on Thursday morning of Spring Break, we took Jackson to his first dentist appointment. We know that the first dentist visit is really recommended closer to age 2, but Jackson just simply wouldn't have cooperated at that age. It's only been within the last 6 months that we were really sure that he would be compliant enough to make the visit at all worthwhile.

He did great! Mommy went first to show how it was done and he watched with quiet interest for much of my check-up. When it was his turn, he bravely climbed up in the chair and sat so still!

He cooperated beautifully while the hygienist cleaned each of his 21 teeth! (Yes, 21 teeth. Most kids have 20, but we've been aware of his "bonus" lateral incisor since he cut it.) The dentist also said everything looks great. Jackson was pretty pumped about the toothbrush, floss, hourglass sand timer and sticky hand he got to pick out of the treasure box. I think he thought he won the lottery!

After the exciting trip to the dentist, we all enjoyed a little park time!

It may not be exotic or exciting, but it was a fun Thursday spent with our family and NOT at work. I'd call that a good day! 


  1. Wow! At least spending spring break on the dentist’s office was worth it. Haha! Now you know how to take better care of Jackson's teeth and he won’t be afraid to visit the dentist’s office next time. I love kids who are as hyperactive as him. Haha! :D

    Stephen Malfair @ Dentist Kelowna

  2. A trip to the dentist sounds fun to me. Hahaha! Jackson is getting more and more adorable lately. Anyway, I'm glad about the delivery of good news from your dentist. Jackson didn't seem the least bit nervous too. Kudos to him! The park looks beautiful, Maggie. A perfect place to bond with the whole family. Wishing you and your family all the best! :)

    Joel Haynes @ Pediatric Dentist Georgia

  3. I'm sure Andrew and Jackson don't hold it against the both of you for taking them to the dentist during spring break. Hahaha! It doesn't look like they dreaded the experience, more like they enjoyed it thouroughly. I'm glad that the results of Jackson's first trip to the dentist are positive. He couldn't have done it without your guidance. Kudos! :)

    Ted Grimmer @ Cody Dental Group