Friday, March 14, 2014

Enjoying Daylight Savings Time

Ok, I admit it. I whined and grumbled when my alarm went off every morning this week about that darn daylight savings time. But it's hard to grumble too much when you factor in the wonderful evenings we've been able to spend playing outside thanks to an extra hour of daylight!

It's fun to see these boys developing shared interests and able to play together more and more!

Andrew could play with these rocks for hours!
Now all we need is green grass!
We've also been doing lots of yard work. The previous owners must have had green thumbs because the back yard has tons of landscaping. And well, we do not have green thumbs and have kind of let it go. (Sorry previous owners). We have been doing lots of weeding and are actually removing some of the landscaping to make more room for the boys to just run and play. Of course, our little helpers can be counted upon to lend a hand!

Taking a break.
Showing us his muscles.
I've mentioned that 17 month Andrew has some seriously advanced gross motor skills. Here he is riding his brother's scooter. And he's even better now with just a few days of practice!

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