Friday, March 28, 2014

Andrew's First Haircut

With our Spring photo shoot coming up, it was time to break down and get Andrew's first hair cut. 

He was looking pretty shaggy, and not in a cute way. 

He was fine...until Ms. Amy got the cape out....

He didn't even want candy! He just wanted out of that cape!

But it was nothing some mama snuggles couldn't soothe. After that he settled down, and I wouldn't say he liked it but he did just fine. He also decided that he did like the candy after all. =)

Some before and afters...of course he looks older, which was my hesitation in getting it cut in the first place. But he also looks even more handsome!

And he's not rocking the mini-mullet anymore, so that's definitely a plus!

Thanks to Ms. Amy for getting our guys all spiffed up!

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