Monday, March 31, 2014

Splish Splash he was Painting in the Bath

Jackson asked to do another "Paint Party on the Porch" on Friday night. It was a little too cool to run around in the sprinklers afterwards, so we opted for a bathtub paint party instead. 

Poor Andrew just wasn't feeling it and he opted for a traditional bath in the other tub and early bedtime. But Jackson thought it was the best night ever. He said it was "more fun than movie night", and that's a bold statement from our little movie lover!

We've done this activity before, but I had forgotten how much he loved it and how easy it is (and my, how much he has grown since then!) A little washable paint, paintbrush optional, and clean-up is a breeze. Actually, I think Jackson might have liked the clean-up part the best! Parents, put this one in your pocket--it's a winner!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Andrew's First Haircut

With our Spring photo shoot coming up, it was time to break down and get Andrew's first hair cut. 

He was looking pretty shaggy, and not in a cute way. 

He was fine...until Ms. Amy got the cape out....

He didn't even want candy! He just wanted out of that cape!

But it was nothing some mama snuggles couldn't soothe. After that he settled down, and I wouldn't say he liked it but he did just fine. He also decided that he did like the candy after all. =)

Some before and afters...of course he looks older, which was my hesitation in getting it cut in the first place. But he also looks even more handsome!

And he's not rocking the mini-mullet anymore, so that's definitely a plus!

Thanks to Ms. Amy for getting our guys all spiffed up!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Being a boy's mom

Being a boy's mom means embracing dirt, gasping over caught lizards, and emptying playgrounds full of rocks out of shoes and pockets. It's about wrestling matches, hours spent building and rebuilding wooden train tracks and tripping on matchbox cars It means scrubbing dirty fingernails and attempting to tame cowlicks while the bearer squirms away. It's exclaiming about every fire truck, police car or ambulance that whizzes by. It's marveling at how any object can become a toy gun, fretting over how quickly jeans come home with holes in the knee, and accepting the constant quest to wield the biggest stick in the park. It's fort-building, it's puddle-splashing, and it's LOUD.

But it also means having this mama's heart melt in an instant.

I wouldn't trade being a boy's mom for anything.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Movie Night

We had pizza and movie night with our best buddies on Saturday night! On the menu were homemade pizzas that the littles were happy to help make!

Jackson played photographer while Jilly made her pizza. I think he did a pretty good job capturing the activity!

After dinner, we settled in with our chocolate chip cookies to watch Frozen. Jackson brought all of his "guys" (stuffed animals) downstairs so they could watch the movie too. Jilly knows literally every line of the movie which is pretty amazing!

Just a fun, easy Saturday night with friends!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Paint Party

I've been waiting for a warm day for a fun paint activity outside. On Saturday, with highs near 80 and plenty of sunshine, it was hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago we had an "ice day"! So after short naps for both boys and a whole afternoon with no where to be stretching before us, it was the perfect day. 

I taped wrapping paper down, stripped them down to their undies, opened the paints and let them go at it.

Holy cow, they are basically the same size. When did that happen?

When Jackson decided he wanted to paint on Andrew's side, we knew it was just a matter of time....

Of course painting each other is way more fun than painting the paper!

So now the real reason the warm weather was a necessity...washing all that paint off by running through the sprinklers! Andrew was intrigued but soon realized the water was cold! He happily rinsed off inside in the warm bath.

Jackson, on the other hand, played in the sprinklers until his lips were blue and teeth were chattering! There are no internet-approved pictures to share though because he did not want to get his undies wet and stripped down the second the sprinklers came on.

Welcome, Spring! We are glad you could join us!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rock and Bowl

Our exciting Spring Break continued with a visit from the cousins and a little bowling!

Our boys absolutely adore Annabelle and Breelie, so it was a huge treat for them to get to come visit for the day. 

Jackson had never bowled before but was eager to give it a try! 

Not to be outdone, Andrew grabbed his ball and awaited his turn. No, really, he grabbed and insisted on carrying his own ball that was roughly 25% of his body weight. That would be like me grabbing a ball that weighed....oh never mind...the child is a beast.

And he loved pushing it down the ramp!

Andrew wasn't so much a fan of patiently waiting his turn, but Nana did a pretty good job of wrangling him.

Jackson didn't mind when it wasn't his turn, as he took on the role of bowling supervisor, complete with hands-on-the-hips observation and critiquing.

We had such a fun morning with these girlies!

I'm a terrible bowler (all of the kids beat my defense they had bumpers and those ramp thingies), but I always have fun!

And when the bowling got boring, these brothers turned it into a dance party. I mean, who doesn't want to dance when they hear Michael Buble?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First Trip to the Dentist

Some families go on exciting, exotic trips during Spring Break...our kids are the lucky ones who will reminisce about fun trips to the dentist instead! Woohoo!

Nonetheless, on Thursday morning of Spring Break, we took Jackson to his first dentist appointment. We know that the first dentist visit is really recommended closer to age 2, but Jackson just simply wouldn't have cooperated at that age. It's only been within the last 6 months that we were really sure that he would be compliant enough to make the visit at all worthwhile.

He did great! Mommy went first to show how it was done and he watched with quiet interest for much of my check-up. When it was his turn, he bravely climbed up in the chair and sat so still!

He cooperated beautifully while the hygienist cleaned each of his 21 teeth! (Yes, 21 teeth. Most kids have 20, but we've been aware of his "bonus" lateral incisor since he cut it.) The dentist also said everything looks great. Jackson was pretty pumped about the toothbrush, floss, hourglass sand timer and sticky hand he got to pick out of the treasure box. I think he thought he won the lottery!

After the exciting trip to the dentist, we all enjoyed a little park time!

It may not be exotic or exciting, but it was a fun Thursday spent with our family and NOT at work. I'd call that a good day! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break Fun with Nana

Nana made her annual Spring Break trip to College Station last week. It's a huge help that she can be here when the boys don't have school but we have work, and they love getting to spend Nana/Grandsons Only time with her!

It was Jackson's idea to go to the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History (Nana took him there once or twice before), so that's where they headed on their special day!

Jackson is still talking about the leopard and the baboon fighting....

And Jackson and Andrew were both fascinated by the bees! From what I understand, there is a pipe that goes to the outside, so the bees can go in and out, but the hive is between panes of glass so you can watch the colony at work. Neat, huh?

Nana takes her job of spoiling the boys seriously. How happy do these kiddos look scarfing down the cupcakes that she brought with her??
Andrew made sure that not a speck of cupcake was left behind!

Cupcakes are best eaten when accompanied by a hand flourish.

More Spring Break fun is coming up next!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jackson's First Day at [NEW] School!

The much anticipated day finally arrived today--Jackson's first day at his new school! Not going to lie--it was kind of the anxiety hanging over us throughout Spring Break but it turns out that we had nothing to worry about...he did great!

I woke him up this morning and reminded him that it was his first day at his new school and he SPRANG out of bed! He was so excited! He was super cooperative and even humored me with a smiling picture before we headed out the door--on time for once!

He chatted our ears off all the way to school, happily waved at his old friends through the window as we dropped off Andrew and squealed with glee as we pulled up to his new school. As we drove to school, he told us that he was excited and "a little nervous but not too nervous". We brought all of his stuff to his classroom and then walked to the gym where all of the kiddos gather at the beginning of the day. We had planned extra time in our morning to hang out with him a while but he didn't need it! He gave me a hug and then ran off waving "bye mom and dad!" Pretty much the best possible drop-off we could have hoped for!

I worried about him all day as if it was his first day ever at pre-school. I held out until after lunch, but then called to check on him. The conversation with the office manager started like this, "Hi, this is Meredith Malnar, Jackson's mom. At the risk of being "that mom", I just wanted to check in to see how he is doing?" =) She said that she would have to check with his teacher to see how the day had been going, but when she arrived, everyone was talking about how outgoing and polite he was, that he had been introducing himself to everyone and just seemed like such a happy kid! She then put me on hold to talk to his teacher and then came back to tell me that he was having a GREAT day! YAY JACKSON!

The end-of-day report was equally bright. He had fun, he learned about earthworms, made a new friend, and LOVES the sand sensory table where he "got to dig for lizards...just pretend ones though, mommy, not real ones!" And he is excited to go back tomorrow! Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

I'm so stinking proud of this kid! I was definitely more nervous than he was. I had to remind myself that he is 3....he isn't burdened with a lifetime of baggage and experiences that would cause him to be anxious in new situations. His only experience has been being loved and accepted. Why would this new situation be any different? I can only pray that he approaches every new endeavor with the same confidence, charm and excitement!

Oh yeah, and it was Saint Patrick's Day, so here are our two leprechauns modeling their green attire!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A visit with Papa John and Granny & Jackson the Photographer, 2nd Edition

Last Saturday, Papa John and Granny came to visit for the day. Jackson and Andrew enjoyed some park time with them followed by lunch at their favorite pizza place. Jackson was delighted that Papa John got to read him his pre-nap story. 

Papa John and Granny had to head home, but after nap we hung out in the backyard for a while. Jackson snatched my camera as he often does and got to work snapping pictures. It's always interesting to me what he decides to photograph!
His beloved swing set.

"Say cheese, Andrew!"

His trademark close-up.

Andrew pretty much followed him around, smiling and posing.