Sunday, September 29, 2013

Friday Night Lights

Fall and Friday night can only mean one thing--high school football! On Friday night, we met up with Jillian and her mommy and went to the high school football game.
Jackson and Jillian were pretty excited about pretty much everything about the football game...the football players, the cheerleaders, the Cougar mascot, the bands, even the fact that the home town team was wearing purple (ok, maybe that was just Jillian)!

They were riveted!

I tried to get a picture of their faces, but they wanted nothing to do with missing even a minute of the action.

Our two littlest boys were taking in the Friday Night Lights for the very first time. 
Little Alex enjoyed the parts he didn't sleep through (which was most of them, of course!). 

The parents decided to call it a night before the kiddos were ready to go home, but we promised we would be back!

Monday, September 23, 2013

First Day of Fall

Living in Texas, the official Autumnal Equinox does not always mean cooler temperatures. But this year we got lucky!
After months of blazing hot days, walking outside mid-morning on Sunday to find that it was only 70 degrees was an open invitation to go outside and soak it in. 

Jackson told us that there were bears outside of our fence and he needed to go hunt them!
Even Gracie got to enjoy the cool sunshine.
Not at all related to Fall, but while Jackson was taking a long nap, my short napper accompanied me to the grocery store. Since big brother wasn't there, he got to ride in the big boy carseat. He was pretty pleased with himself!
Later we made a trip to the library and then to the snow cone stand for possibly our last snow cones of the season. 
There are certainly many things we love and will miss about summer. But I think we are all excited for cooler temperatures, visits to the pumpkin patch, football games, trick-or-treating, hooded sweatshirts, and lots of Fall fun with family and friends! Welcome Fall!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Paint Party & Game Day

Saturday was one of the most fun days we have had in a long time!

We started off the morning with a fun birthday party for William! William's mommy threw an AWESOME paint party and all of the kiddos had such a good time.

Birthday parties are always a blast, but they are even better when you get to attend them with your best friend!

Check out these tiny Picassos!

To really get those creative juices flowing, be sure to stick your tongue out!

After lunch and naps it was time for GAMEDAY! Now, normally Jackson wakes up a little grumpy, but when I went to wake him, the promise of seeing the Aggie Band and Jilly immediately put him in good spirits.

We met up with the Hayes too, and together, they formed the cutest little Aggie fan club ever.

Fightin' Texas Aggie Classes of '32 (Jackson), '33 (Jillian), and '35 (Andrew, Cole & Alex--not pictured, he slept through it).

Here comes the band!

I am proud to report that no one cried or freaked out! A first! And we were curbside (where it's LOUD)! This was Andrew's view of his first march-in. =)

He enjoyed it very much!

Next we walked down to the Alumni Center for some photo ops with the Ring.

What a fun crew!

Finally we headed up to the MSC for a pit stop before hiking back to north side where we parked. 
Keeping an eye on the Kyle Field construction.
Daddy with his Aggie boys.

These poor children just have zero personality. It's so sad. =)

You have never heard such laughter and giggles! These two have the best time together.

We wrapped up the day at Freddys for some dinner and ice cream.

It was just one of those days where you close your eyes thanking God for giving you such wonderful friends who have become family!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Raindrops were falling on our heads

Our plan tonight was that Jackson was going to help me make a homemade pizza for dinner and then we were going to go play outside while the pizza was in the oven. When we got done with the pizza though, it was raining. Oh well, why not, right? The temperature dropped about 15 degrees and both boys enjoyed the novelty of playing in the rain.

This child needs no toys. Just give him some sticks and rocks and he is happy!


Mr. Big Stuff here thinks he is SO BIG because he can ride the trike now.

Raindrops on my camera lens but I just couldn't resist that huge smile!

A couple of dry t-shirts were in order, but it was so worth it!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cabin in the Woods

Last week, with Alabama coming to town for what was supposed to be the biggest college football game of the season (decade? century?), we found ourselves living and working in the middle of the epicenter of college football. Which meant that traffic was horrendous by Wednesday and it was only going to get worse as 50,000 extra people headed into town. We didn't have tickets to the game (we quite like our firstborn, thank you very much), so our best bet was to hunker down and stay as far away as possible. So on Friday, we ducked out of work a few minutes early and left the chaos for the peaceful retreat of the "Cabin in the Woods", as Jackson's has dubbed Grammy and Pop's house. For the past month, each Friday when we would pick up Jackson he would ask if we were going to the "Cabin in the Woods" and each week he would be super disappointed when we told him no. We hadn't gotten to visit since July 4th, so we were excited to get to make the trip.
We must have passed 20 or more big tailgating RVs as we headed east, but pretty soon we were surrounded only by rolling hills, towering pine trees, and the warm embrace of Grammy and Pop. Saturday morning started early...Jackson's routine when he is at Grammy and Pop's is to wake up early and go downstairs to "help" Pop make breakfast. But apparently his excitement woke him even earlier than usual because he came into our room where we were sleeping, tapped his daddy on the shoulder and said "Daddy, I have a problem. Come see." I immediately thought that he had had an accident or something. But, no. His "problem" was just that Pop hadn't woken up yet! Pop quickly woke up and all was right with the world again.
After breakfast, Pop blew up the little pool for the boys to play.
Jackson wrestled this bucking, wild killer whale... 
and the whale won.... 
Andrew didn't really like the spray of water the whale created and preferred to splash outside the pool. 
Doesn't he have the cutest chunky thighs you've ever seen?
Later, after nap and watching the Aggies run out of time, we out to dinner.
Andrew got his own ice cream cone!
The next morning, the temperature was in the low 70s (!!!) so we took advantage and went for a little nature walk.

Jackson found all sorts of nature treasures, but his favorite were the paving rocks in Grammy and Pop's driveway. What is it with kids and rocks?

Stroller or La-Z-Boy?
The nature walk must have worn Andrew out because he took an awesome nap in Grammy's arms while we packed our things and got lunch ready.
Too soon it was time for final snuggles, one last ride on the 4-wheeler, and bidding farewell to all of the creatures that live at the Cabin in the Woods, including the huge spider that Jackson of course named Charlotte, all of the lizards (who are still named Marc and Matt), and the herd of deer.

If further evidence is necessary to prove how much fun these boys had, here's a picture of Jackson taken no more than 4 minutes after getting in the car, with his half-eaten fig newton bar still clutched in his hand.

Andrew resisted a little longer but soon conked out too.

Grammy and Pop, thank you for the perfect weekend retreat! We can't wait to come back!