Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday: He-Man & the Masters of the Universe

You know the scene in Toy Story 3 when Andy is getting ready to leave for college and the toys are arguing about what to do...get donated or get packed in a box going to the attic because "maybe one day Andy's kids will play with us?"

Recently, all of the years of waiting in the hot and dusty attic paid off for Justin's beloved He-Man toys.

Jackson really enjoyed his daddy's explanation of what each character does and their unique contribution as a "Master of the Universe" (verbiage provided by Justin. Ha!)

Even sweet Andrew got in on the fun (although I'm not sure that getting slobbered on by a baby was the "fun" that the toys were dreaming of during those long years in the attic). 

I haven't decided if it is Justin or Jackson who is enjoying playing with the He-Man toys more.... ;)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Justin!

Happy birthday to the best husband and daddy! The boys and I are so lucky to have this man in our lives!
We celebrated simply at home with Chuy's take-out, a cookie cake, and the sweetest boys who were excited to help daddy blow out his candles...

and eat his cake!

Happy Birthday Justin!

Monday, August 26, 2013


This last week marked the end of my "busy season" at work as we wrapped up orientation and welcome week. I love my work but I am definitely ready for things to slow down some and get to catch up on rest and family time.
We celebrated the start of my "off season" with a fun, but busy weekend.
Saturday kicked off with a morning playdate with William, Jake and Jillian. Jackson has been asking for his friends to come over and play since we were still in our old house. In the midst of getting ready to move, actually moving and trying to get settled, it just wasn't feasible but I promised him once we were settled in our new house we would have his friends over. We finally kept our promise!
Everyone enjoyed playing with playdough...

and playing dress-up...
and story time...

...and the marble ramp provided a good 15 minutes of entertainment.
We even played outside for a while before it got too hot. We discovered that Jackson can pedal his trike like a big boy. For some reason he never wants to ride his trike at home, but I know they have trikes at school, and I suppose he has been practicing there! He's probably been able to do it for months and we just didn't know.

After Jackson's friends left and we ate lunch, both boys crashed for a nice long nap and Justin and I were able to accomplish a big task! We unpacked all of our china and crystal and filled up the china cabinet we bought a few months ago. For some reason, having a china cabinet makes us feel like grown-ups. Ha! Dinner party anyone?
That evening, we headed to the pool while our dinner finished up cooking. There was a party going on at the pool so it was unusually crowded with lots of kids splashing and bumping into us. Jackson declared "I'm miserable! Let's go home!" LOL. Where does he come up with this stuff? 
For dinner we had red beans and rice. Our little Cajun baby loved it!

We put two very tired boys to bed and I was reminded once again what a lucky lady I am.

Once the kiddos were in bed, it was date night for mom and dad! We enjoyed half price milkshakes from Sonic and a Redbox (we used a coupon for the Redbox, no less!). I'm a cheap date.

Sunday was filled with laundry, grocery shopping, and resting up for our busy week. Andrew consistently naps for a shorter time than Jackson, so I have come to look forward to these weekend afternoons with him as my "only child" for a short time while big brother naps!

I think the weekend was just what we all needed!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

We have a walker!

And just like that, Andrew is walking.

I had predicted that he would be a full-time walker within a week of being in his new big kid class, but it seems that it only took him two days. When he came home on Friday, he was noticeably walking more. After a weekend of practice, I would say that he is now walking more than he is crawling.

So long, sweet babyhood. Welcome to toddlerhood, Andrew!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Welcome Baby Alex!

We welcomed a new little one to our clan recently! Our friends Amber and Julian welcomed a beautiful little boy, Alex, to their family.
So this post was a few weeks in the making because Alex was born 3 weeks ago and we all just got to hold him on Thursday night when we were visiting to celebrate Julian's birthday!
I was so excited to finally get my hands on him!
But we all actually met him on his birthday in the delivery room! I had the absolute honor of being present when he was born, and served as the official photographer for the blessed event. Professional photographer, I am not, but I think I did ok!
Precious family! Can we pause for a moment and note how BEAUTIFUL Amber looks? She literally delivered that baby moments earlier and looks gorgeous. Rock star.
Minutes old! Isn't he beautiful?!
I am so blessed by the friendship of these ladies and love getting to share these HUGE moments with them!

As we were in the delivery room oohing and aahhing over sweet Alex, but hadn't yet held him, Christen let us all know that a baby at the boys' school had gone home with hand, foot, and mouth disease. So, we all decided to play it safe and opted out of holding him when he was just minutes old just in case any of us had been exposed to the yucky virus.
So then two weeks passed due to a crazy work schedule, out of town weekends, and waiting for the boys and I to get over a cold. (No one ever got the hand, foot, and mouth, but we were better to be safe than sorry!)
But it was worth the wait!
Andrew, Cole and Alex are all exactly 5 months apart, each being born on the 5th of their respective month. If that doesn't destine them to being best friends I'm not sure what would. I can't wait to see these boys grow up together! Welcome to the family, Alex!

Friday, August 23, 2013

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for the boys in their new classes!
Sadly, this was the best picture I got of both boys together! Jackson was eager to get to his class and just not feeling it.

A few out-takes....

This one was when Christen and Cole walked in!
Andrew trying to make a getaway.

First drop-off was the big boy to his new Monkeys class! 
Come on, Jackson, can we get just a little smile?

Appeasing mom with a smirk.
He happily scampered into his new classroom as if it was business as usual. He is doing great in his new class!
Next up was dropping off little man to Miss Donna. We absolutely love her! Andrew has done well with the transition and has had two really good days in his new class.

He is almost a walker. He is now often taking 2-3 steps at a time and can take as many as 5-6 steps if he is adequately motivated. A week in Miss Donna's class with the bigger kids though and I know he will be walking full-time. What a big boy!
Both boys are going to have a great year!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last Day

Today was the boys' last day in each of their classes at school. They will both be promoting up into the next class tomorrow. These bittersweet days provide an opportunity to reflect on how much each child has grown and learned and thank these special teachers who have been so wonderful for our children.

I CANNOT believe how much Jackson has grown this year. Tear!

Equally amazing is how much Andrew has grown in just 8 months!

Since it was Jackson's last day in the owl class, and Andrew's last day in the butterfly class, we made some themed cards to give their teachers. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Jackson was very proud and excited to give Ms. Mary her owl card and gift.

Jackson is going to miss Ms. Mary so much!
And he shared a last, sad goodbye with Ms. Lupe this afternoon.
Ms. Maya and Ms. Sandra have been so good to Andrew! Ms. Maya has only been in the baby room for a few months, but before that she was the assistant teacher in Jackson's class so both boys absolutely adore her.

We are so blessed to have wonderful teachers who love, hug and care for our babies when we have to be away from them. I know both boys will have a wonderful experience in their new classes, but we will sure miss their old teachers! Thankfully, they will each be right next door to their old classrooms, so I know their old teachers will stop in to say hello and give them hugs and kisses each day.

Please say a little prayer for our boys as they transition to their new classes tomorrow!