Monday, May 27, 2013

Splash Time

In between packing boxes today we squeezed in time for a little splash time. We had planned for Justin and Jackson to go to one of the local splash pads in hopes that Jackson would run out his energy and take a good long nap. It wasn't to be since both of the splash pads they tried weren't turned on today! Crazy, right? So Justin set up the splash pad in the backyard, which was actually better because that meant Andrew got to play too--his first time!
I dare say he enjoyed himself!

Andrew says hello!

I can't tell you how many times a day utterances like the following come out of my mouth:

"Don't sit on your brother!"
"Do not knock him over...that's just mean!"
"Do not hit Andrew with a block!"
But Jackson is really a great big brother and really loves Andrew!
Check out Andrew's 6 pack. Ha!

See, he really loves him!
Jackson is going through a "Don't take my picture, Mommy!" phase (he loves to look at pictures of himself but refuses to cooperate to get his picture taken). So if it seems like there are less pictures of him, that's why!


3 day weekends are just the best!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Countdown to Moving Day

We are getting so close to the big moving day! We close on both houses on Thursday morning and it will be such relief for it to all be final. Two weeks ago, we weren't sure that it was all going to go through due to some major issues on our buyer's side. But thank goodness everything got worked out and we are just over 3 days away from the big day!
On Saturday morning, we got to take the boys to see the new house. We had driven by the outside a few times, but wanted to wait until the house was completely empty to take Jackson to see the inside because we thought other people's stuff inside would be confusing to him.
He was so excited and ran from room to room and rolled all around on the floor.

He was very excited to see his new room upstairs!

Andrew was excited to tour the new house too!

And he will finally have his own room!
He is so quick! He discovered that the stairs are pretty good for pulling up on. (Note to self: Order baby gates.)
We've been packing in earnest this weekend and the house is really starting to look like we are moving soon. It's definitely bittersweet. We've loved this house but we are ready to start the next chapter!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The First Weekend of Summer

The first day of summer might still be a month away officially, but here in Texas, it's already arrived. It was in the mid 90s both days this weekend, perfect for playing in the sprinklers!


Andrew is not quite ready to run around in the sprinklers, but he sure is cute!

Gosh, we love our weekend afternoon naps. How precious is his chubby little hand on daddy's neck?

On Saturday night, we got together for dinner with our friends and finally got a picture of Cole and Andrew together! All the other times they have been together one or the other has been sleeping. They are both getting so big! I just know they are going to be the best of friends!
And on Sunday, we met Carrie and our new intern Kaitlyn for snowcones. Jackson thinks Miss Carrie is pretty cool! 

We just love these long summer days!

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Tricks

Andrew is not letting anything hold him back now!

Army man crawling is out and big boy hands-and-knees crawling is in!

He crawls around jabbering and blowing raspberries. When he's determined to get something and concentrating, he sticks his tongue out!
He's also pulling to a stand like a champ!
There's that tongue again!

And this morning at breakfast, he fed himself puffs and bits of banana. What a big boy!

Aaaaaack too many new things! With Jackson, he would learn a new trick and and then leisurely perfect it before moving on to something else. Andrew is moving fearlessly and rapidly from one milestone to the next. How different these two boys are already!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meet Dorothy

We have a new pet! Meet Dorothy!
Since meeting Delta, our friends the Hayes' goldfish, Jackson has wanted one. And thanks to Elmo and his pet goldfish, Dorothy, he already had a name all picked out. We made him a promise that when he went a whole week with no potty accidents, we would get him a fish. He's gotten awfully close for many months but would have one accident or so a week and so the clock would restart. Last week he finally did it! Yay Jackson!
So today we headed to PetSmart to pick out Dorothy. Now, every goldfish we have ever known has lived in a bowl. So we find a nice bowl, a small bag of gravel, a little castle (another request by Jackson), a little fish food and were ready to get our fish. Upon which we were informed by the pushy judgemental helpful sales associate that goldfish should, at a minimum, be in a 10 GALLON aquarium. Say what? So we debated and stressed about it and finally walked out the door with a 14 cent fish and a $61 aquarium and supplies. Ugh.
The helpful sales associate also told us that we shouldn't get the fish and the aquarium on the same day because the water would need a few days to balance out or something (she started talking about nitrates and nitrites and dechlorinators). I told her that clearly she had never had a 3 year old because there was no way we were walking out of there without a fish! So lets hope Dorothy makes it over the shock of her new place.

He so desperately wanted to hold her, but all I could think about was the scene from Finding Nemo with the little girl shaking up the fish bag and saying "Fishy Fishy Fishy!" I insisted on holding the bag.

You will notice that Dorothy is not actually in the aquarium. We started talking on the way home about how we are moving in less than 2 weeks and how it makes zero sense to set up a 10 gallon (120 lbs when full of water!) aquarium and then have to find a way to move it. So, Dorothy is temporarily living in a large vase that we already had.

Helping Dorothy get settled in her new home.

Jackson even wanted to read Dorothy a story. Precious!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Plank Challenge

Andrew's been flexing his muscles!
Check out his form...

Impressive huh? He can do a better push-up than me (let's be honest, it wouldn't take much!)

We've been seeing some bear crawling...
And more and more of this....hands and knees crawling!
Go Andrew go!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Reality Check

People who read my blog have made comments about how happy the boys always are and asked "don't they ever cry?" Indeed. They certainly do.

What makes these pictures even more fun is knowing that these two fits were happening simultaneously. Be glad I didn't take video. Jackson was pitching a fit because I wouldn't put the gloves back on him to complete his construction man outfit. I say "back"on him because I had already helped him put them on twice and he kept taking them off. Andrew was crying because I put him down (I had been holding him for the last half hour). Scenes like this one happen multiple times a day. It's exhausting and frustrating. We take deep breaths, count to ten, and sometimes countdown to bedtime.
But thankfully, scenes like this one are much more numerous, and these are the ones I want to remember.

I blog to document the big and small precious moments of our lives. These days when our boys are small are passing so quickly and blogging gives me the chance to reflect, savor and share these moments with our family and friends. We are NOT perfect parents raising perfect kids. But someday when our babies are big we will get to look back at this collection of memories and remember this perfectly imperfect but precious season of life.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a lovely weekend! We did manage to pack a few boxes, but mostly we just hung out with these cuties.

On Saturday, Jackson decided he wanted to have a picnic. Since we had gotten a lot of rain on Thursday and Friday, the ground was still quite wet so we had a picnic in our garage! Jackson had mac n cheese...

Andrew enjoyed a hamburger. Ha. It's play food, but seriously, I'm pretty sure he would eat a burger given the chance!

On Saturday night, we had an outing to Freddy's. Big milestone for Andrew--he got to sit in a high chair at the restaurant instead of in his infant seat. He LOVED it and flirted with our table neighbors throughout the meal.

Bathtime is always a fun time. Andrew is so enamored by Jackson and is so tolerant, even humored, by seemingly obnoxious attention. Big Brother covers his head and face with a washcloth? LOVES IT! Big brother pours a cup of water over his head? HILARIOUS!

The whole family enjoys making Andrew laugh!

As a Mother's Day treat, I got to sleep in this morning and woke up to a sweet little voice saying "Wake up mommy! Breakfast is ready!" And what a delicious spread it was! Loaded scrambled eggs, french toast, crispy bacon and pineapple. Yum! Thank you to my sweet husband for wrangling the boys while making me such a wonderful breakfast!

After church and naps, we did our weekly grocery shopping and then went to get snow cones on the way to the park. Jackson thinks he is big stuff now because he gets his very own snow cone!

What's sweeter than a snowcone? This boy! I could just eat him up!

By request, we went to the "Whale Park".

Both boys enjoyed the swings for a long time.

I'm so incredibly blessed to be mom to these sweet babies! 

Happy Mother's Day!