Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Glutton for Punishment

Someone has an unlikely shadow. I'm not sure if Gracie is just dumb or really loves Andrew that much, but she rarely leaves his side. He gets so excited when he sees her and she is his biggest motivation to crawl. He grabs at her and yanks out her fur, and she is mostly sweet to him, but understandably gets annoyed. When she goes on the defense we encourage (sometimes forcibly) for her to just run away! But not five minute later she will be back for more.  It's the strangest, cutest thing!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend with Nana

Nana came to visit us this weekend. It was a fairly busy weekend, but the boys got some quality time with Nana. On Saturday morning we had a photo shoot with the lovely Sarah to capture the boys at 6(ish) months and nearly 3. How is my baby almost 3?! On Saturday afternoon, Nana stayed with the boys during naptime so Justin and I could go to the Bryan/College Station Parade of Homes, an event in which the local homebuilders have open houses all on one day for some of their new houses. It was fun getting decorating ideas, but even more fun just to spend some quality time with my hubby.
On Sunday, we enjoyed some park time before Nana had to head back home. Here's a few pics from the weekend...
Chubs wouldn't crack a smile for Sarah on Saturday, but was all grins on Sunday. Little stinker!

This one was too busy running all over the playground to stop for a picture. What an imagination (and vocabulary!) this child has!

Peek-a-boo! I see you Drew!

Jackson is not exactly gentle with Andrew. Andrew does not help his case when we tell Jackson he must be gentle...he just giggles the whole time his brother is roughhousing with him. Thank goodness he is a sturdy kid!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I scream!

You scream!
 We all scream!
 For ice cream!

Doesn't ice cream, especially your very first ice cream sandwich ever, just taste better outside? Jackson thinks so.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Catching up

Oh what a week it's been! My work is getting a little crazy, which doesn't leave me much time or energy to blog at night but we are still here, I promise!
Our boys can now rock some semi-matching post-bath faux hawks...

We had a busy Saturday last week, with our first stop at the Vet School Open House. Jackson enjoyed watching the horse jumping and dog agility demostrations and we saw lots of animals like cows and llamas.
From the Vet School, we  headed up to Kyle Field for Kyle Field Day and to meet up with Amber and Jillian. But to Jackson, this was known as "Johnny Football's Place". The mission of Kyle Field Day is a day dedicated to service, but Jackson was a little bit done after his busy morning and was not really capable of doing anything that required focus.

But we got our picture snapped with Reveille...

Had fun on the BIG slide...

And jumped with friends!

Jackson and Jilly had so much fun playing on Kyle Field. Jackson keeps asking when we can go back to Johnny Football's place to play again.
Andrew is keeping us all on our toes trying to keep up with him! He's using a cup like an old pro now (not sure how much he actually drinks, but he has the motion down and enjoys soaking his bibs with water). He also learned how to blow raspberries. My favorite new development is that he can now crawl to me when I arrive to pick him up from school and if he's sitting, he will raise his arms up to me to pick him up. =) He is eating solids really well, and there's nothing we've found that he flat out doesn't like, although he loves sweet potatoes and prefers his green beans mixed with something sweet like apples or pears.

He is also really digging sucking on washcloths, and fusses the whole time I am washing him with it until I give it to him. Changing his diaper or his clothes has gotten interesting because now that he is mobile he wants to be moving all the time. Post bath is the most challenging and wrestling him into his pajamas most definitely counts as aerobic activity for mom or dad.

Lately Jackson's OCD meticulous nature has been on display as he's rediscovered the blocks since we've been building block towers for Andrew to crawl to and knock over. Jackson very carefully lines them up all up and calls them his marching band, and apparently they are getting ready for a parade.

Andrew wanted to help. (This did not end well, as his help was not appreciated).

And that's our week in a nutshell!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blue Bell & Brenham

I worked quite a bit this weekend, so we had made plans to take the day off on Monday and take the boys to Brenham for a tour of the Blue Bell Factory. It was such a fun day!

It is about 45 minutes to Brenham, so not a bad drive at all. We passed the time pointing out cows, horses and even goats and calling out the colors of the various wildflowers we saw.

We had a little bit of time to kill before our tour so we explored the outside. This antique refrigerated truck is so cool!

And the fun ice cream man hats were worn by all.

Cameras are not allowed on the tour itself but Jackson was glued to the windows overlooking the factory. I knew he would be interested, but even I underestimated how into it he would be. Now he can tell you all about how ice cream is made..."Milk comes from cows, and then you put the milk into the machine at the factory, and then you put in da cookies and da chocolate and then you make the ice cream! And then you eat it!" And that's just what we did!

After the tour, Andrew was getting hungry so we stopped at a nearby park so I could feed him while Jackson played. We had a great time at Fireman's Park.

We went and had lunch at a local restaurant and had our only meltdown of the day. When we first got there I took Jackson to the (women's) bathroom to wash his hands. Later he announced that he need to go potty so his daddy took him to the (men's) bathroom. He told his daddy that he wanted to go to the "OTHER BATHROOM..da PURPLE bathroom"! So I took him to the PURPLE bathroom. While he was doing his business he told me "Mommy, daddy confused! I don't want to go to green bathroom, I want to go to da purple bathroom!"

This little guy is just too precious and was just the best baby the whole day!

Summer is officially almost here! When we returned home it was about 85 degrees so we got the water table out for the first time since last summer (ok, since October...we live in Texas, y'all!). It was one of those times when we could really see how Jackson has grown and matured. He now plays with the water table in the way it was intended and his pouring skills are quite good.

All in all it was just a really good family day and exactly what we all needed.

Monday, April 15, 2013

On the Move

Andrew started army man crawling on Saturday morning. I knew it was coming, but I thought we had a few weeks still. In an instant, our lives just got a lot more interesting and our prized belongings a lot less safe.What started out as inchworm forward motion on Saturday morning is now an efficient army man crawl. He used every opportunity to practice his newfound skill this weekend!

Target #1...big brother's favorite toys.

Jackson was SO excited to share his tunnel with Andrew.

I'm coming!

Almost there!

A little boost over the threshold from big brother.

Here's a video of him in action.

He's incredibly proud of himself and terribly aware that there is nothing out of his reach now. His favorite target is Gracie, followed by block towers as demonstrated above. We are awfully proud of him too, but I can't believe my sweet baby is already crawling! Slow down, Andrew!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Home Sweet {New} Home!

It's been an exciting week in the Malnar house! Late on Friday night, we found out we had received a contract to sell our house. Almost 3 weeks earlier we had received an initial verbal offer on the house and then spent the next week involved in the countering process. We finally accepted their counter counter counter offer and expected to receive the official contract shortly. And then we waited for another 2 weeks. We had pretty much moved on thinking that they had changed their minds when we finally received the contract.
So while riding the home-selling rollercoaster, we also had to jump aboard the home-buying one too. We had been looking for a while. We had seen a few that we really liked go under contract while we waited for our house to sell. When we got that initial offer, we knew we needed to hurry up and find something, or else be homeless in a relatively short period of time. We had a very specific idea of what we wanted: 2000+ square feet, 4+ bedrooms, 1 specific area of town, open floor plan, single story, and a large backyard. What we discovered is that there were very few houses that met all of these criteria that were within our price range that were actually for sale. I finally convinced Justin to see a two-story house, knowing that we would get more square footage while retaining more of the yard we need for two active little boys. For Justin, his moment of knowing that this house was "the one" was when we were checking out the second living room, after having just seen the 5th bedroom of the 2600 square foot house. For me, it was opening the back gate which opens onto the green space of paved walking paths that surround the neighborhood park and had this vision of teaching the boys to ride their bikes there. Ha! As soon as we had the final contract to sell our house, we submitted the offer on the new house and found out Tuesday that it had been accepted!
Future Malnar Home
We are set to close on both houses by the end of May, but hopefully sooner since my work gets really crazy at the end of May. The sooner the better for us! There are still so many things that have to fall into place, but we are excited and hopeful it will all go smoothly. We are moving into the fun part of this whole process now that all of the paperwork has been submitted, getting to pick out paint colors and new carpet and such. We are excited to make this new house our home and starting the next chapter of our family's lives!

p.s. If you are reading this and have some free time in mid to late May, we will be in need of able bodies and willing babysitters to help with the moving, renovating and settling in! =)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I promise I won't show these to your friends when you're a teenager...

...but I love them...and you sweet Jackson!