Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still No Baby

Ok, this is the one where I vent a little. It's meant to be cathartic for me, so bear with me or move on...

I will start all of this off by saying that I know I don't really deserve to be frustrated that Andrew is not here yet. His actual due date is not until October 10th. I'm only in my 38th week. I have all the sympathy in the world for women whose babies are truly overdue...I know I really have no right to complain. But since early on in my pregnancy, my doctor said we would induce at 39 weeks because Jackson was so big when he was born at 38 weeks, 2 days. So I have been working towards October 3rd or so all along. But really, in the back of my mind, I thought he would come earlier just like his brother.

So at the end of last week when I was having some serious pre-labor symptoms, we thought it was going to be soon. My mom and dad went ahead and came into town on Friday night, thinking that this one might progress quite quickly. But just as no two children are alike, no two pregnancies are exactly alike, and Friday (38 weeks, 2 days) came and went and no baby. And Saturday. And now Sunday.

I was so convinced it was going to happen last night. I had had mild contractions most of the evening, and then around 1:45 am I kept getting woken up by progressively more regular and intense contractions. I got up and started timing them and over the next two hours, they went from every ten minutes to every 5 minutes and were growing more painful. I was minutes away from waking up Justin and my mom and had even started putting my last minute toiletries into my hospital bag. But then the next contraction didn't come for 15 minutes. And the next was 20 minutes later. I went ahead and went to bed, dissapointed and exhausted.

Friends and family have called throughout the weekend to check on me and I know they have the best of intentions and are just concerned. And I LOVE them for that. But each time I have to respond back with "still no baby" I get a little more frustrated. I'm just emotionally and physically drained and grumpy. I'm so not in a frame of mind to go to work tomorrow and have to respond to the question "you're still here?" 17 times, but there's no reason for me not to go to work. I'm tired of the looks of pity (or dumb comments) I get from complete strangers. I'm tired of not fitting into anything. I'm tired of not feeling comfortable, no matter what. I just had it in my mind that Andrew would be here by now, and he's not. I'm just done.

Our induction is scheduled for Friday, so worst case, there are only 4 days left. If you see me this week, I'm sorry. I am going to do my best to put a smile on my face and make the best of these last few days. For those concerned family and friends, please know that when anything significant happens, you will know! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

38 Weeks!

How far along? 38 Weeks, 1 Day! 8 days or less to go! (I'm hoping/thinking it will be less). We had our final OB appointment on Monday--our doctor is completely booked for Monday and Tuesday of next week and there's no real need to see me only a day or two before the induction.

How big is baby? My official guess in the baby pool was for him to be born 9/30 (Sunday) and will weigh 8lbs, 8 oz and 20.75 inches. We'll see how right (or wrong!) I am!

Best Moment this Week: Making it to single digits in the countdown.

Movement: Still moving pretty good despite being so cramped. He actually seems to get more active when I am having steady contractions which is weird. I guess he doesn't like being squished.

Sleep: I'm up probably 3 or 4 times a night at this point. Getting ready for those middle-of-the-night feedings!

Food cravings/aversions: I'm literally hungry for nothing. I get nauseated after every meal, regardless of what I eat, so it's hard to crave anything.

Gender: Boy! Andrew Grant!

Symptoms: I'm huge and have some awesome pitting edema in my calves. It's so fun.

Labor Signs: Lots of TMI labor signs now that have been increasing over the last 4 or 5 days. It's getting close. With Jackson, I had minimal labor water just broke. This waiting and seeing routine is frustrating.

What I miss: Everything. My office hosted New Family Welcome this last weekend and I was so worthless! I'm not good at sitting and watching other people do work, but I obviously can't move tables and chairs, haul boxes, or most anything else useful at this point.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing Jackson meet his little brother. I am simultaneously excited and terrified for the big moment.

On the to-do list: Not much now...I still haven't officially packed a bag though I do have stuff set out. I really just need to add actual clothes (depends on what's clean) and toiletries and throw it all into the bag. We need to install the carseat and basically just keep the house clean for all of the guests who will be arriving.

Daddy is...under instructions to wrap up things at pressure, babe!

Jackson is...very interested in seeing pictures of himself when he was a baby using all of the gear and such that we now have out and ready for Andrew. He thinks it's so funny that he was so little, but it makes this hormonal mom a bit weepy to think about how fast he has grown.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Big Brother Interview

With Andrew on his way any day, I sat the big brother to-be down to get his thoughts on all things baby....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jackson's Castle

Justin and I have talked about getting Jackson a playscape/swingset for the back yard pretty much since he started walking and could scale the playground equipment at the park. The cool ones are pretty pricey new, so we've been watching Craigslist for quite a while. With the weather cooling off and a new baby who will be here any day, we really started looking in earnest. It would just be so nice to have a place where Jackson can go to run and climb without us having to load him and baby brother up in the car.

It was a truly serendipitous moment last week when a great set was posted on Craigslist at the same time that my one-time merit bonus was about to hit the bank account! We went and checked it out on Thursday and aside from needing a coat of stain and sealer, it's perfect. We made plans to go and pick it up on Sunday.

For the last two evenings, our fantastic friends Jake and Julian helped Justin to dismantle, transport, and reassemble it. Thank you guys so much!

The hard-working crew
While the guys worked, the ladies stayed inside with the kiddos and I made dinner. Jillian and Jackson had so much fun playing together, as always. They are such sweet friends! It was nice just hanging out with the girls and getting to catch up...I know it might be a while before we are able to do that again while we are adjusting to life as a family of 4.

Tonight, the guys finished up shortly before dusk, and the kiddos got to try it out. They were so excited!

Jackson is still a bit in disbelief that he has his very own "castle" as he calls it in his backyard.

I think his smile just says it all! He's delighted!

We look forward to our boys and all of their friends getting to enjoy the backyard "castle" for many years to come!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

37 Weeks

37 WEEKS! Full term! Woohoo!

This won't be a full weekly update (I only do those on even weeks, remember?), but making it to full term is definitely a milestone and worthy of a post! We still have 15 days until Andrew's induction day, but hopefully he will come a little earlier on his own.

Not much of an update from the doctor this week but since I went to the doctor last week on Thursday and this week on Monday (it was all that she had available), I didn't expect much change. I was 1-2 centimeters dilated on Thursday, and a full 2 on Monday. Everything else was virtually unchanged.

My mom and dad get on a plane for Atlanta on Saturday and will be there through Tuesday night (I simply will not have this baby without my mother present). I have my last big work event this Friday and Saturday and some important meetings through Wednesday of next week, so I'm actually ok with him hanging in there until Wednesday evening. After that though, Andrew and I will be having some serious landlord/tenant conversations and I will be making it clear that his lease has expired.

In the meantime, Jackson has been helping us get things set-up and testing out all of the gear to make sure it's worthy of his "baby brotter Andwew". He was a fan of the new car seat we got for Daddy's truck (it's exactly the same as his with a slightly different fabric pattern) and tried to convince Daddy to leave it in the house to serve as a toddler la-z-boy. It has a cup holder and everything!

I now have milk in my fridge that will likely expire after Andrew is born! It's getting so close!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

Lately Jackson has become very interested in what's going on way up there on the kitchen counter. On Saturday morning he requested pancakes for breakfast and just like George in his favorite Curious George book, he wanted to be the assistant.
He did a great job helping mommy stir!


He then instructed me to make circles with the batter as I poured it onto the griddle and reminded me of kitchen safety..."Pour circles mommy! Be careful! It's HOT!"

While the pancakes were cooking, he helped me wipe up the counter and throw away the trash. Hopefully his enthusiasm for helping keeps pace with his can hope any way, right? =)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

36 Weeks

How far along? 36 Weeks, 1 Day! We have a definitive countdown now. At our doctor's appointment today we set an official induction date of Friday, October 5th, if Andrew has not decided to come on his own by then. more than 21 days to go! I'm thinking/hoping it's less. We will be seeing the doctor every week now.

How big is baby? I'm thinking he's about 7 pounds and 20ish inches.

Best Moment this Week: Our date night on Saturday was wonderful!

Movement: He has definite quiet and active patterns. He's usually pretty still in the morning and then gets active mid afternoon and then again in the late evening--usually when I am putting Jackson to bed and for the next hour or so after.

Sleep: Jackson has been a little sick the past couple of days and hasn't been sleeping well. He's been up 3 or 4 times a night so as a result we have not been getting good sleep. Trying to fit into his twin bed to lay with him is comical at best, not to mention wildly uncomfortable.

Food cravings/aversions: Nothing consistent--but ice cream may or may not be a nightly occurrence right now. =)

Gender: Boy! Andrew Grant!

Symptoms: I'm officially huge. Like, strangers stopping to comment huge. Sigh. I'm just generally uncomfortable 24/7 at this point. I woke up last Friday morning able to breathe a little better but every step I take now is excruciating so I believe he "dropped".

Labor Signs: I was 1-2 centimeters dilated at the doctor today, but that doesn't mean very much. I could go on like that for another 3 weeks or go into labor tomorrow. Contractions are holding steady in frequency, but growing more "real" feeling--not just a tightness but some intense crampiness too and lasting longer.

What I miss: Is "everything" an acceptable answer? There are so few things I can do normally and comfortably now.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting this little boy!

On the to-do list: Set up the baby gear, install the car seat, and pack our bags!

Daddy is...wavering between just wanting to get this show on the road and feeling like he needs more time to get everything done. I concur.

Jackson is...seeming like such a big boy these days! He's made the full transition to his big boy bed and the crib is out of his room. He started potty training at school last week and now pee pees in the potty more than half of the time. He talks virtually non-stop and is so curious with his constant questions of "what's dat?" and "what's so-and-so doing?" 3 and 4 word sentences are common.  He counts to 10, knows his colors and most of his shapes, and is beginning to recognize letters. Tonight he pointed to an 'A' and said "A is for Annabelle!" He's starting to understand the days of the week and that certain things happen on certain days. He can also tell you the names of all of his dinosaurs--I just love hearing his little voice so clearly say "Brachiosaurus" and "Triceratops".
We had a little bathtub paint party the other night. He loved it and now asks to do it every night. =)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Showers of Blessings!

A few weekends ago my sweet friends threw us the cutest shower for Andrew! It was Dr. Seuss themed and just perfect!
All of the guest signed "The Cat in the Hat" instead of a regular guest book which I thought was so clever!
And we all enjoyed our turn in the photo booth...
Andrew and I!

Our family of 3...soon to be 4!

Thing 1!

Jackson and Jilly...these two just have so much fun together!

Libby, Lisa and Erica

Christen and The Cat

My lovely hostesses! Thank you so much Emily, Erin, Amber, Carrie and Christen!

Amber and Jilly
All the food was delicious and cute to boot! Check out those green deviled eggs!

How perfect are these cupcakes?!
After eating, we played some fun shower games, and then opened presents.
Next time you see this banner it will be hanging in our hospital room welcoming Andrew. EEEK! =)

Jackson enjoyed helping with the presents.

We can't wait to meet our Thing 2!
It was so fun having a day to celebrate Andrew's rapidly approaching arrival! The hostesses completely knocked themselves out in putting together all of the cute details and made it such a special event. Thank you so much, ladies!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Weekend

Our remaining weekends pre-new baby are flying by! We definitely stayed busy this last weekend but packed in some fun. On Friday night, we headed to Target to stock up on all of the baby necessities to get us through Andrew's first month. I think we are good to go now! I know I did this just a little over two years ago but having a newborn seems like a lifetime ago, so I am sure I will think of something else we need between now and the big day!

On Saturday, Jackson and I headed to the grocery store while Justin took down the crib in Jackson's room. He has slept in his big boy bed every night for almost 2 weeks and hasn't even asked for his little bed, so it was time! Getting Jackson out of the house for this task was a necessity; otherwise, Daddy would have had a not-so-helpful yet excessively eager little helper. But going to the grocery store for our weekly shop while 9 months pregnant and with a toddler in tow was pathetically difficult. I was tired and needed to rest when we got home.

So after lunch, Daddy and Jackson had an outing to go to campus to watch march-in for the football game. For days Jackson had been saying "Go Aggies!" "Go see marching band!" So that's just what they did.

I tried to get a picture of my Aggie boys before they left but Jackson wanted nothing to do with it--he was just ready to go..."no picture Mommy! Go ride in daddy's truck".

But he was a little more willing to sit for a picture once they were there.

Justin reports that he was very happy until the band showed up. Being right on the curb put him a little too close to the thundering drums and booming brass. When they got home I asked him if he liked seeing the band and he said "I cried. Scared. Band loud." We'll bring him some ear plugs next time... =)

Jackson settled in for his nap and we watched the game on tv. The first half was good anyway....

After the game, we headed out for our "Last Date". While hopefully not really our last, it will probably be quite a while until we can find a baby sitter brave enough to keep BOTH of our boys.

We went to a nice restaurant and then went and sat at a coffee shop. Justin read a book/snoozed and I wrote thank you notes! A low key evening, but it was just perfect.

A huge thank you to Aunt Abby for making the evening possible!

22 days or less now!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jackson's take on Stretch Marks

Last night I was climbing into Jackson's big boy bed with him for his bedtime snuggle time. He was already in bed and watching me awkwardly try to get comfortable when my shirt exposed a bit of my ever-expanding belly. He noticed my lovely stretch marks and said "Mommy, what's dat?" (which is most definitely the question of the month). Before I could come up with a simple but honest answer to explain what stretch marks are, he came up with his own explanation for these vertical lines on my belly and said "Choo choo tracks, Mommy?" Sure. That works. "Yes buddy, choo choo tracks".
Jackson and I on College Colors Day last week. He LOVED wearing his jersey. Any time he sees anything maroon or an A&M logo he says "Go Aggies!" Brainwashing--check!
Monday marked one month until Andrew's due date! To help us pass the time and let others get in on the fun and anticipation, we made a little guessing pool. This is just for fun and for some bragging rights when he decides to arrive. Help us pass the time by entering your guess here: