Thursday, August 30, 2012

34 Weeks

How far along? 34 Weeks, 1 Day! 34 days to go!

How big is baby? BabyCenter says about 18 inches long and almost 4.75 pounds. HA! Now we know just how wrong this estimate is for our big boy. We had an ultrasound on Monday and he was measuring at 5 lbs, 13 oz. Now gaining about an ounce a day, it is safe to say he is probably right at 6 lbs now! Almost a full-size newborn (a wee one, yes)...and I have a month to go. Yikes. I will most definitely be induced at 39 weeks if he chooses not to make his appearance before then.

Best Moment this Week: Seeing Andrew on the ultrasound again! We've never had an ultrasound this late, so it was definitely a different experience. Rather than seeing a whole baby, we only got glimpses of specific parts because he no longer fits in the screen! We didn't get any pictures this time because he is already head down and face down, so all we could see was the back of his big 'ol head. But it's just reassuring that everything is still looking good and developing normally.

Movement: Still moving and grooving but his movements are less vigorous now that he's running out of room. There is what I believe to be a heel that digs in to the top of my belly in the same spot all.the.time. There is a visible bruise in this spot. Ouch.

Sleep: I'm up to two night time trips to the bathroom now. Jackson has been wanting to sleep in his big boy bed more and more, but I think he still freaks out when he wakes up in the middle of the night and doesn't know where he is. So our big kid who's been sleeping through the night for at least a year and a half is now waking up a couple of times a night and needs one of us to lay down with him until he goes back to sleep...which sometimes takes a while and I can only get so comfortable in a twin bed these days. Let's hope that he goes back to being a great sleeper soon!

Food cravings/aversions: Nothing really.

Gender: Boy! Andrew Grant!

Symptoms: I'm really starting to hit a wall physically. I'm at the point where I feel so huge but still can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel. Being huge and knowing you only have 2 weeks to go is easier emotionally than being huge and still having 5 weeks to go. Most of my maternity clothes are getting too small now. I'm almost relegated to shirts that have some stretch to them to accommodate my giant belly so I've been trying to wear all my cute blouses and such for the last time while they still (barely) fit. I hope that my co-workers and others who see me on a daily basis won't judge me over the next few weeks when I wear the same thing over and over because that's all that fits!

Labor Signs: Contractions pretty much every hour of the day now and getting stronger.

What I miss: Trying to stand up without groaning. =)

What I am looking forward to: Cooler weather! It's right around the corner....right? Please just nod and agree with me.

On the to-do list: Get pre-registered at the hospital, set up the baby gear, write thank you notes, buy Jackson's big brother present that Andrew will give him at the hospital and take Jackson to pick out a little brother present he will give to Andrew.

Daddy is...going to be busy in the next few weeks setting up all the gear and such. But I think he's just glad he doesn't have to paint this time.

Jackson is...registered for his big sibling tour of the hospital! I think he's really going to enjoy it. He still wants to read the Big Brother book every night at bedtime and is starting to internalize the content. The book says "Sometimes babies cry. Daddy says babies cry to tell us something. Let's see what's the matter. Oh, it's time to change the baby's diaper. It's also time for a bottle." So the other day I was dropping him off at school when he heard one of the babies crying. He said "Baby crying. Diaper change? Bottle?" =)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We got to commemorate Justin's birthday with a couple of fun celebrations over the last few days. We started with a nice family celebration while we were in Nacogdoches this weekend. Jackson loves to sing "Happy Birthday" (or as he says, "Happy to you!") and assist with blowing out the candle.

Jackson's Papa John and Granny got to join us for the celebration and Jackson enjoyed some quality time with them.

This trip to Nac was likely our last out of town trip until Andrew is here. We enjoyed one last adventure on the lake. It's crazy to think that the next time we are out on the boat (next summer), we will have a nearly three year old and a 9 month old!
As always, Jackson loved playing with his cousin Annabelle! 

We headed back home on Sunday, but got to have another birthday celebration with friends on Justin's actual birthday on Tuesday. Jackson was being a little toot, so the dinner was anything but relaxing, but our friends were nice enough to put up with us anyway!

Justin's cake that originally said "Happy Birthday Judy"--even though I spelled it out for them when I ordered it. We laughed about this and it got repeated a few times so now Jackson will randomly say "Happy to you Judy!" and laugh.

Happy Birthday Justin! The boys and I are so blessed to have you as the man in our lives!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day as an Owl

Jackson just moved into the "Owls" (2 year old class) at his school!

He and all of his friends transitioned to the new class together, so he is handling the adjustment pretty well, other than some dramatic drop-offs in the morning.

We are excited about his move to the new class and all that he will learn, but I know that he will miss his old teachers. Mrs. Donna and Ms. Rachel were so good for him this last year! They provided caring and consistent structure while letting his little personality just flourish.

Jackson and Mrs. Donna
Poor Ms. Rachel...this was the best we could do. She wasn't there in the morning when I snapped his picture with Mrs. Donna so I got hers in the afternoon. But of course once Mommy walked in the door, he was ready to GO and had no interest in staying to take a picture.
On his last day in the toddlers class, his teachers sent home a scrapbook full of his artwork and pictures from throughout the year. He's been coming home with artwork all year, so I didn't even know that many of these precious projects existed. These were the wonderful handprint art projects and such that mommies keep forever. This was the first page in the folder:

Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but I opened the first page and just lost it. He's grown so much in one short year! He was just a baby when he started and now he's a running, jumping, talking, singing little boy, not to mention 5 pounds heavier, 6 inches taller, and with a mouth full of teeth! I know he will grow just as much this year and it will likely fly by even faster.

His teachers also gave him a book about Bubbles and a bottle of bubbles. He wanted to go outside right away after getting home to blow the bubbles. Daddy tried to hold the bottle, but Mr. Independent insisted on doing it himself..."Jack Jack hold it, Daddy!" And you know what? He did just fine all by himself.

I just love this look of pride he gets when he accomplishes something all by himself.
We can't wait to see all the big things you do in the next year, sweet Jackson!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fizzy Fun

Last week we were preparing a meal that took a bit longer than normal to cook, so we needed an activity to keep Jackson occupied while we waited for dinner. I had seen a toddler activity on Pinterest to tint vinegar with food coloring and then experiment with dropping it into a pan full of baking soda. We thought we would try it out!

He watched with interest as Mommy showed him how to do it....

And then said "ooooh" excitedly as it bubbled and fizzed.

And then it was his turn....

He doesn't quite have the fine motor skills necessary to squeeze the dropper while it's in the liquid, stop squeezing while transporting to the pan, and then squeeze again to Mommy helped a little bit...despite his chants of "I do it Mommy".

And then I let him just take over....

He quickly realized that it was just as much fun to put the baking soda into the vinegar....first, just by the dropper full....

But hands are much more effective, don't you think?

A spoon works too....

While we didn't exactly do this activity as described, it kept him occupied for about 45 minutes! He quite enjoyed scooping, mixing, and experimenting with the different colors and textures. I'd say it was a success!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Water Baby

It's August in Texas. Earlier this week we had our 20th straight day of temperatures over 100 degrees. It's hot, y'all! Basically, playing outside is simply not an option unless there is water involved. Our little water baby has been loving all the different ways we can play in the water...

We have a few friends who live at an apartment with a pool that is very toddler friendly with a large, zero entry area, so we have spent a few Saturdays there. We bought Jackson this new "Puddle Jumper" flotation device and it is perfect! It totally keeps him afloat on his own and lets him be in the proper position with free range of motion to actually swim correctly. He really enjoys the freedom it provides and I enjoy not getting kicked repeatedly!

He still loves his backyard splash pad and it is always a hit!

And then to kill two birds with one stone, we can set up the sprinkler in the front yard. The yard gets some much needed water and Jackson can burn off some energy before bed time.

He realized that he can direct the arms of this water spraying caterpillar and get quite the reaction from mom and dad....he would laugh hysterically after spraying us saying "all wet mommy and daddy!"

I sure am ready for some cooler weather, but then when I see this smiling face loving all the ways we can beat the heat, it does make it a little more tolerable!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

32 Weeks

How far along? 32 Weeks! Less than 50 days to go!

How big is baby? BabyCenter says about 16.7 inches long and almost 3.75 pounds. His lungs are close to fully functioning now and may need just a little help if he decided to arrive early. We're going to let him keep cooking for a few more weeks though. We have an ultrasound scheduled for August 27th to check on how big he is.

Best Moment this Week: I'm not sure if it was the best moment of the week but I was excited to find that I had only gained half a pound since my last doctor's appointment 2 weeks ago! I think I will end up gaining less with this one than I did with Jackson, and that is a very good thing.

Movement: Movement is starting to slow down now that he's running out of room, but he's strong. When he does really start moving it's uncomfortable.

Sleep: It's getting harder to find a comfortable position and rolling over is not at all easy.

Food cravings/aversions: Been feeling some nausea lately. Not like 1st trimester nausea--more like, my-stomach-doesn't-have-any-room-for-food-after-5-bites nausea.

Gender: Boy! Andrew Grant!

Symptoms: I've moved out of that cute/fun pregnant stage and into the "I'm just ready for this to be over" phase. Comfortably doing...well, almost tough now. Even sitting at the dinner table is uncomfortable. I have a short torso and we're just about out of room. I'm ready for this little guy to "drop" so that I can take a full breath again.

Labor Signs: Same old Braxton Hicks contractions, but they seem to be getting stronger.

What I miss: More things every day. And some unexpected things like taking Jackson to the library. All of the shelves are at small child height so looking through the books requires a lot of bending and squatting if you are an longer an option for me. =(

What I am looking forward to: My sweet friends are throwing us a baby shower this weekend! I didn't really anticipate that we would have a baby shower this time since it's our second, and another boy, and relatively close to the last one. So many things about the preparation phase for this second baby are just a bit more anti-climatic than for our first, but we are no less excited to meet this little boy! So, we are just thrilled to have some dedicated time to celebrate with others about Andrew's rapidly approaching arrival!

On the to-do list: Prep for our maternity photo shoot; pre-register at the hospital; wash, fold, and put away baby clothes; get Jackson registered for his Big Sibling tour of the hospital; set up the baby gear.

Daddy is...thinking I am crazy with my "nesting" instincts kicking in. On Sunday, I cleaned the kitchen (including taking all the burners off the stove to soak and wash them, Pledging the cabinets, putting polish on the granite countertops, etc.), vacuummed, and for real dusted (like, with a cloth and Pledge and not just a Swiffer duster), including the blinds, fans, etc. Justin was not humored when I insisted that he help rather than taking that nap he had planned for the afternoon.

Jackson is...running out of room on my lap! Poor boy twists and turns to get comfortable when we sit in the rocking chair each night, and just about the time that he finds a comfortable position, he gets kicked by his little brother. He always looks confused when this happens. =) 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tiny Comedian

Last night at dinner, we enjoyed the following JOKE...told to us by our barely TWO year old....

Jackson: "Knock knock".

Justin: (mostly kidding with his response, we had no idea he even knew what a knock knock joke was) "Who's there?"

Jackson: "Owl."

Justin: "Owl who"

Jackson: "Hoo hoo. HAHAHAHAHA."

I think we just stared, opened mouthed for a few seconds, and then shared in his hearty laugh.

He told a joke! And it made sense! And truly, he nailed the delivery! I thought we would have at least a year or so before we got to begin enjoying kindergarten-esque jokes. We have no idea where he learned this...I asked his teacher if they have been telling knock-knock jokes at school and she said no. All I can think of then is Sid the Science Kid (a show on PBS)...the kids on the show tell jokes during one part. But if so, he heard it ONCE and picked it up. And he repeated it later to us, so it wasn't just a fluke.

He never ceases to amaze us!

"Jack Jack so funny!"

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Jackson has a big boy bed! We moved it in on Saturday afternoon and he thinks it is so fun!

Here he is demonstrating how he would sleep on it...

We looked and looked and looked for just the right bed (that didn't cost a fortune). I really like what we found! It has a trundle underneath and extra storage drawers. The trundle is doubly good at this stage because it serves as a step for him to climb up on the bed and can also be pulled out to cushion any falls off the bed!

As excited as he is about it, he's still not so sure about sleeping in it. Last night, I asked him as we were settling in the rocking chair to read our stories and sing if he wanted to sleep in his little bed or his big boy bed. He replied "big boy bed". But when it came time to put him in bed, he started to cry when I put him in his new bed and asking for his "utter (other) bed".  So...this will be a gradual process! We suspected as much, and we don't want it to be a traumatic experience for him, so we somehow managed to fit both his old and new beds in his room. There's a lot of furniture in this room! But it's temporary...I suspect in a week or two he will be feeling more comfortable with his big bed and we can pack up and move out the crib.

He's getting to be such a big boy!