Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why we need a guest bedroom...

We love having company come to visit...especially grandparents! Our guest bedroom has been staying full lately, reminding us of how much we really need that extra space. Oh well, now that we know we are having another boy it is conceivable that our two little ones can share a room and we can keep our guest bedroom!

Last weekend, Nana and Grandma Ann came to visit. We had an easy going weekend just hanging out. We went to dinner on Friday night and took them to see the new MSC on Saturday morning.

This little one loves water of any kind and thought that Rudder Fountain was a perfect wading pool for him! He wanted to jump in so bad but had to settle for just a little splashing.

On Saturday afternoon after nap, we took Jackson to the park. With extra adults there, we actually were able to snap a family picture. Too bad Jackson wasn't really feeling it...

Justin made yummy omelets on Sunday morning and we just hung out until Nana and Grandma Ann had to head back to Dallas.

On Wednesday, our next guests arrived! Grammy and Pop! It was Grammy's birthday so we headed out for dinner followed by delicious Strawberry Tarts to-go from Cafe Eccel.

Thursday was a busy and exciting day. We started out the morning with Mom, Justin and I going to my doctor's appointment. It was so fun to have mom share in the excitement of the big sonogram and gender reveal. For her birthday she got to find out she was right again as she had predicted a boy about 15 weeks ago. While we were at the appointment, Jackson and Pop went to Gander Mountain and the hobby shop. They met us for brunch at Cracker Barrel and then mom took me to get some new maternity clothes. Yay! Thanks Mom!

That evening, Grammy and Pop kept Jackson so we could go out for an early anniversary dinner celebration.

7 Years! <3

We enjoyed a nice dinner in which we did not have to pick up crayons off the floor, cut food into bite sized pieces for someone else, or wipe anyone's face and hands with a wet wipe. We were able to linger for a little while after the check came and just enjoyed each other's company. Not talking about our kids (whoa, kids) is not terribly realistic for us though, so we did discuss and decide on a name for the new little boy!

Our life together is so different than it was 7 years ago on our wedding day, but we wouldn't change a thing. It is the life we envisioned as we joined our hearts, hopes and lives together with a love for one another that grows by the day. We are so blessed!

Yep, there's a lot of love here. =)

Monday, May 28, 2012

The relaxing weekend that wasn't...

On Friday, my parents who had been in town headed back to Nac and took Jackson with them. Justin and I followed on Friday evening after work. Grammy and Pop reported that Jackson was great all day while they went grocery shopping, he played happily in his pool, napped well and ate some dinner. His little cold from earlier in the week seemed to be resurging and by Saturday morning he woke up coughing like a seal. So started Day 1 of the misery. We took him to an urgent care clinic in town where he was diagnosed with a viral croup and prescribed some meds. The next three days featured non-stop whining, extreme clinginess (mommy only), virtually zero appetite, and basically the most disagreeable toddler you can imagine.

We did go out on the lake on Sunday, thinking it may distract him somewhat from his discomfort. And at least the whining couldn't really be heard over the boat's engine. Ha.

Surprisingly he didn't mind putting on his life jacket and seemed to enjoy the boat ride, despite what the pouty face seems to indicate.

We stayed out for a couple of hours in the morning and then went back to the house for a little break and soon Matt and MaryAnn arrived with the SeaDoo in tow. Jackson enjoyed the afternoon lake adventure much more.

He wasn't so sure at first....

But quickly decided the SeaDoo was just like a 4-wheeler but in the water! What's not to love?

Once on the water, he convinced everyone to let him ride...

 And we finally saw a few smiles...

He had a lot of fun swimming with Matt too! He loved jumping off the back of the boat saying "1, 2, 3 jump!"

Aside from the few hours on the water, the rest of the weekend was just very emotionally and physically tiring. My speedy recovery following the Z-Pac on Thursday seemed to come to a crashing halt on Saturday morning and I'm still debating about going to the doctor tomorrow for a follow-up. A sick mommy and a sick, cranky toddler who only wants mommy made for a tough weekend. The symptoms of his sickness seem to be some better, but his mood indicates that he is still not feeling well. Or maybe he is just majorly out of his routine. Or maybe he is just almost 2 and this is par for the course. Or all of the above. In any case, I'm exhausted, feeling like a terrible parent, and just wondering where my sweet, happy, active little boy is and if he's ever going to come back. Prayers are appreciated!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

20 weeks and IT'S A....

BOY! We are so excited for Jackson to have a little brother! A girl would have been nice, but having our two boys close in age is going to be really fun.

I will add the ultrasound pictures to this post tomorrow, but for now, some updates!

How far along? 20 Weeks and 1 day

How big is baby? About  10 inches (head to heel) and based on measurements today about 14 ounces (average is 10 ounces for a 20 weeker!) His leg measurements put him at 21 weeks, 6 days--maybe he will be our tall boy? Or maybe I just cook them extra fast. =)

Best moment this week: Seeing our little guy on the ultrasound and daddy getting to feel the baby kick

Movement: Yes! Lots of movement with the whooshing feelings giving way to more definite kicks. Last night I woke up around 5 am and couldn't go back to sleep because he was so active. I grabbed Justin's hand and slid it under my belly and he got to feel it too. Justin would have preferred me not waking him at 5 am so his excitement was slightly less than mine, but it was a happy occasion nonetheless!

Sleep: Crazy dreams continue. Sleep has been difficult this week because sweet Jackson shared his not so sweet cold with me and I've had it pretty bad. I'm oh so thankful for the Z-pac I was prescribed today and already feeling some better.

Food cravings/aversions: None really. I'm pretty boring.

Gender: Boy!

Symptoms: This baby better have a full head of hair because I've had terrible heartburn already. I don't remember popping Tums like candy until well into the 3rd trimester with Jackson. Bending at the waist is becoming quite uncomfortable, though still technically doable. I can now see my almost-an-outtie belly button bulging through my shirt.

What I miss: That glass of wine would still be nice...

What I am looking forward to: A relaxing long weekend on the lake.

On the to-do list: Survive the month of June! June will include 8 New Student Conferences, 1 out-of-town graduation, 1 out-of-town-wedding, 1 sweet little boy's 2nd birthday party, 1 sweet little boy's 2 year old photo shoot, and a 6 day out-of-town conference for me (6 days of single parenting for Justin). Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Daddy is...ready to commit to a name. That will be a separate post. ;)

Jackson is...blissfully unaware of the changes coming his way. He knows that his baby is in momma's belly but he really has no clue what that means. We asked him last night if he wanted a girl baby or a boy baby and he said "gurl". I think he will be over the moon for his baby brother though.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Month Day and Half Way

The last week has been busy busy busy. Mostly related to my work, but we have also had family in town and just other general life busyness. We almost missed commemorating Jackson's 23rd month!

We'll keep this month update fairly brief because we will be celebrating his big TWO YEARS in just a few weeks now, but there are a few things new that are so fun. The boy does NOT pose for pictures (should make his 2 year photo shoot with Ms. Sarah next week super fun), but we've snapped a few here and there over the last couple of weeks.

He LOVES to paint and "marker".

With the paint, I think he has more fun mixing the paints on the pallette together rather than actually putting paint on the paper, but oh well. He also loves Play Doh. When we get it out he seriously says "No Eating" and then promptly tries for a little taste.

He's started to sing along to favorite songs! I love that there's now someone chiming in from the backseat as I belt out the Wheels on the Bus. And he's getting pretty good at the ABCs. He was belting them out in the middle of Target yesterday and it went something like this "A, B, C, D, E....H, J, K....N, O, P..........A, B, C, D, E......" Sometimes he throws his three favorite letters in a row in there too..."HEB" of course! He pretty much has the cadence of the song down and can even sort of carry a tune. Not bad for a not quite two year old.

He's mastered the simple chunky wood puzzles where each piece has it's own "slot" and has moved on to more complex wooden puzzles with multiple pieces creating the picture. He's pretty good at putting the more distinct pieces in the right spots and just needs a little help with the more similar looking pieces.

I hate that this picture turned out blurry but he's cute anyway!

I think he knows every animal sound imaginable including wolves ("woo-oooo" as he tilts his head back as if to howl at the moon). My favorite is still his rendition of a rooster "ock a doo doo".

To say he is opinionated is an understatement. If he has decided he wants his grapes in a bowl and we put them on a plate he will not touch them and pitches a fit until we fulfill his request. We really struggle with that line between picking our battles and giving in to his every whim.

So that's a quick update about our little man. In other news, Baby #2 and I are over halfway done with our cohabitating living arrangement. Woohoo! I am 19 weeks and 5 days now. Since my doctor has already said she will induce at 39 weeks if baby hasn't arrived by then, we are definitely past that halfway mark. Thursday morning is the "big ultrasound" and hopefully the gender reveal. We are counting down the days!

Monday, May 14, 2012

What's in a name?

We have pictures of all of our family on the walls in our house and regularly hold Jackson up so he can see them and name each person. He can identify every person by name now and we have a big family! So the following event shouldn't really surprise me, but it does crack me up...

Jackson has two plastic lizard toys that he carries around with him. They must be a pair and he is quite fond of them. Last night, the two lizards joined him in the tub where he made sure that they were washed--"with soap!" After bath when we were drying him off, Justin asked him what his lizards' names were. Without hesitating he said "Matt! And Mawk!" Justin and I couldn't stop laughing because Matt and Marc are, of course, my brothers. He then chanted "Matt, Mawk, Matt, Mawk" as he made the lizards dance and hop. He's never named anything before, so I just love that he picked his uncles as his first namesakes.

Jackson with his beloved Matt and Marc

This morning, he saw them on his bedside table where I had put them after he fell asleep last night and he exclaimed "Matt! Mawk!" And then of course they had to ride to school with us. It's rather entertaining to Justin and I to hear his narrations of what Matt and Marc are doing. Like when he accidentally on purpose dropped Marc and said "Ohhhhhh no Mawk!" He's just too funny. I hope my brothers find this as funny and endearing as we do!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fountains of Fun

Who knew a simple water fountain at the park could be so fun?

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! I hope your little ones (or grown up little ones!) remind you of the big joys in life's little moments!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby #2 18 Week Update

How far along? 18 Weeks

How big is baby? About 5.5 inches (crown to rump) and 7 ounces.

Movement: Still pretty subtle and I've been super busy so I don't really notice the little nudges until I actually get still in the evening.

Sleep: We are 13 days away from kicking off our conference season at work so my to-do list is growing more daunting by the day. As a result, I've been dreaming about work...a lot. Ugh, not at all restful. And the foot/leg cramps have started--just to the point that they wake me up but so far they haven't sent me hopping out of bed in agony.

Food cravings/aversions: None really. I'm just hungry. All the time.

Gender: Still unknown. The "big" ultrasound is scheduled for May 24th. At our 16 week doctor's appointment, the heart rate was fast again--about 160. Even our doctor said "your mom could be wrong...may be a girl!" Jackson's heartrate was never over 145 and this baby's has always been over 160 so we will be putting this pseudo-scientific evidence to the test!

Symptoms: Getting rounder by the day!

What I miss: I would really enjoy a glass of wine right about now...

What I am looking forward to: My Mother's Day massage this weekend!

On the to-do list: Survive the next two weeks of craziness at work, plan Jackson's birthday party and count down the days to finding out who is hanging out in there!

Daddy is...warming up to my baby name suggestions. He started out pretty indifferent to any name (seriously, any name...we went through the entire "10,000 Baby Names" book and never got more than a "meh" from him), and I've had a few favorites since the beginning. We'll see....

Jackson is...such a sweet, silly, bruiser of a little boy. He runs laps around our kitchen saying "ready, set, go!" before he takes off. What I wouldn't give for just a bit of his energy! He has the best laugh ever. He is such a joy!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Funday!

We had a really fun Sunday! Justin needed to do some work in the yard so Jackson and I got out of his hair and did a little shopping. At Target, we bought the first article of clothing that he picked out himself--a Curious George shirt! I had been looking at a nearby rack and he walked over and said "GEORGE!" He was just so excited I couldn't say no.

After lunch and nap, Justin was still working in the yard, so I decided to take Jackson to the library for the first time. It was one of my most favorite places as a kid so I was excited to take him! I had to get a library card and everything. I'm so excited for the day he gets his first library card! He had fun looking at the books and playing with the puzzles and magnets they had. When he sees anything with the alphabet, like the alphabet magnets at the library, he starts saying "A, B, C..." There's definitely some letter recognition happening for him so that's exciting!

We checked out a few books to take home and then headed home for his playdate with Jillian....
Have I mentioned that I have the best husband in the world? He agreed to hang out with the two kiddos while Amber and I went to have pedicures. I just love him!

And these two cuties had a great time playing with Jackson's assortment of cars of all sizes...

Jillian can't quite push herself around, but our chivalrous little boy didn't mind giving her a helpful push around the kitchen!

Once the mommies returned from our pampering, we took the kiddos outside to enjoy the water toys. It was so nice just relaxing on the patio and letting the little ones play.  Their 8 month age difference is growing less significant and they are really starting to have fun playing together. It makes my heart happy!

Does that dimple melt anyone else's heart quite like it does mine?

Their pint-size date continued with a shared love of macaroni and cheese. Yum!

We are so grateful for good friends to share our simple, joy-in-the-little-things life!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Open wide!

Just a cute video of my boys....at the end, Jackson demonstrates that he is still using some sign language...in this case 'thank you' and 'yes'. He's dropped the use of most of his signs as he has replaced them with the words, but occasionally he still picks up new ones like he has done with 'yes', even though it is a word he has been able to say for many months.  Enjoy the cuteness!