Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby #2 12 week updates!

We went to the doctor today for our 12 week check-up and got to see our little one via sonogram again. I should preface our experience today by explaining that when we went for this appointment with Jackson, we saw him hanging out, very relaxed with his feet propped up on the placenta. He would wave and squirm a little, but he was very laid-back. The whole scan took about 2 minutes because he was so cooperative and the ultrasound tech was able to get the measurements she needed very quickly.

So I was expecting much the same today. We got our first major revelation that this is a completely different child who will have his or her own personality and may not be just like big brother in many different ways.

So today, when we first saw the little one, he or she was snoozing peacefully. After being prodded a few times, it woke up and literally started bouncing off the walls. We're talking full leg extensions and ricocheting from one side to the other. We witnessed flips, turns, and all kinds of squirms. Thanks to all this busyness, it took about 15 minutes to get the needed measurements. We definitely didn't mind getting to watch for so long though!

Baby is looking great. We were 12 weeks and 2 days today but measuring at 13 weeks. Heart rate was about 160.

12 weeks and feeling/looking big already.

I thought I would go ahead and post a "weekly" update, but I will probably only do these every other week for a while. I didn't do this for Jackson, and I'm wishing I had because I'm having a hard time remebering how I felt at certain points.

How far along? 12 weeks, 2 days

How big is baby? About 2.5 inches and a whopping half ounce.

Best moment this week: Seeing the little one on the ultrasound today.

Movement: None yet...but I'm expecting to start feeling something in the next few weeks given how active this little one seems to be.

Sleep: I'm still exhausted all the time so I can pretty much sleep anywhere and anytime. I am still relying on my 20 minute lunchtime naps at work and regret it when I don't take the time for it. At night though, I'm having a hard time staying asleep and have crazy vivid dreams. Justin reports that I toss and turn.

Food cravings/aversions: Aversions this time have included avocado/guacamole (just typing it makes my stomach turn), vegetables in general mostly taste weird to me, and strangely, I can't really stomach the thought of milk. I haven't really had any major cravings but I've been eating a lot of cuties (the little oranges), and like with Jackson, my nausea seems to manifest as hunger. If I don't eat every two hours I feel sick, sick, sick.  In general, I prefer salty over sweet.

Gender: Unknown. The ultrasound tech wouldn't take a guess today. But my mom has already spoken....she declared boy last weekend. She is very rarely wrong.
Symptoms: Still feeling pretty yucky most of the time. Besides the nausea, I'm looking and feeling about like I did with Jackson about a month later into the pregnancy.

What I miss: Having the energy to keep up with my busy almost 2 year old and help out with the household responsibilities.

What I am looking forward to: Feeling this little one move and getting some energy back.

On the to-do list: Start talking about boy names.

Daddy is....a saint. He's been picking up my slack big time and I'm oh so grateful. It really does take two of us to keep this place running the way we like to it to though, so he is very ready for me to start feeling better.

Jackson is...a hot mess. He is very particular about the way things should be done and tells us all about it. Lately, he's been talking a lot about sharing. I suspect that this is a hot topic at school. He doesn't quite get it though. He definitely appreciates the concept of sharing when it is something that we have that he wants. He will look at us with big eyes and say emphatically and instructively "share." When it is something of his that one of us is using or even the cat batting around one of his toys and he's decided that's not ok, he will also say "share?" but with sad and questioning inflection in his voice. Like, he knows he should share but really doesn't want to. We've got 6 months to work on this, right? =)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

We had the honor of celebrating a major milestone with my family this weekend! These two lovebirds, my mom and dad, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary!

My siblings and I threw them a big party and a good time was had by all. There were many, many friends and family, yummy food and gorgeous weather. Most importantly, it was a wonderful celebration and representation of the legacy of love and friendship that has defined their lives together for the past 40 years. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Justin and I are so grateful for the wonderful example of love and marriage that you two provide.

And now for a few photos from the party...

Everyone had a job to do to get ready for the party. Jackson's job was to keep Pop occupied so he wouldn't try to do everything for the party. Jackson did an excellent job! He kept him busy with 4-wheeler rides, running around the yard and playing with the train set. As I've mentioned before, Jackson is Pop's boy through and through.

With Jackson busy, we got all the little details ready for the party.

Mom and dad have a beautiful porch area off of the front of the house overlooking their property that was just perfect.

The centerpieces on each table featured a 3 sided picture frame with favorite photos from their 40 years together. Daisies were their original wedding flower, so we used them as decor throughout.

Sweet Annabelle with the cake.

Jackson with his Uncle Matt (and a beloved fig newton).

Cousins Randall and Jen and sister-in-law Crystal

My mom with her girls.

My brother Matt and his fiance, MaryAnn! Congratulations you two!

Still in love after all these years! We love you Mom and Dad!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

21 Months

Sweet Jackson is 21 months (and 4 days) old! 

This month, we tried to take our usual posed shots in the chair in his room, but they all turned out like this...

So candids I was lucky enough to snap when he was on the move playing outside will have to do!

He is a bundle of energy and emotion these days. While his vocabulary has expanded exponentially, he's still using mostly one word at a time. At the same time, his thought process and what he is trying to express to us is increasingly complex and so frustration ensues. He's also cutting his 2 year molars. Tack on my first-trimester woes and let's just say it's been a trying month!

But my, for all the hair-pulling moments, there have been even more moments of great joy and humor, thanks to this guy's huge personality....

He loves to run, (attempt to) jump, and march! That's his new thing. He will walk around the yard (and usually convince one of us to follow behind him) chanting "march, march, march". This must be a game they play at school.

Dinnertime is still a battle and Justin and I have made enough grilled cheeses for a lifetime as it's one of the few things he will reliably eat. I'm about ready to hang up my short-order cook apron though and just let him choose if he's going to eat what we prepare...or not. Parents out there....thoughts on this? Is 21 months too young to let him "go hungry" if he chooses not to eat whatever is on the menu for the night? (I wouldn't really let him go hungry...he communicates well enough to tell us if he is hungry and I would of course feed him but if he decides he wants to be "all done" at the table and has only eaten his grapes, then so be it). He wowed us tonight though by eating homemade chicken strips, mashed potatoes and even a couple of green beans. It's amazing what a great disguise a little ketchup can be....and this guy is crazy about ketchup!

His fine motor skills have greatly improved, along with the persistence and focus to accomplish the little tasks he sets his mind to. He's good at puzzles and building with blocks, and can increasingly figure out "how stuff works".

This next series of pictures captures one of Jackson's favorite games right now. If one of us is inside and the other outside playing with him, he likes to go to the door and ring the doorbell or "knock knock". He thinks it's absolutely hilarious when we throw the door open and act surprised by who is standing on the doorstep.

So much of him is big-boy like these days, but thankfully he still loves his quality snuggle time with mama. Some day he will just curl up on the couch with me and snuggle in, rub my arm, and lay there contentedly for quite a while. I don't know who enjoys these moments more, but I know I am oh so grateful for them!
Happy 21 months Jackson!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jackson has something serious to say...

He's going to be a great big brother, don't you think?

Little One #2 is technically due October 10th, but our doctor took one look at my chart, noticed that Jackson was huge at nearly 2 weeks early and said she would induce at 39 weeks if baby hasn't arrived by then. So October 3rd is our adjusted due date. We saw the little one happily wiggling away on the sonogram and heard the heartbeat thumping away at a strong and fast 182 bpm. We can't wait to meet this new little one and are so excited for our family to grow!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I want your oim!

My family, especially my mom and sweet sister, can attest to the fact that "Physical Touch" has always been my primary Love Language. As a child, I loved sleeping with my sister on the weekends and insisted on grasping onto her arm or rubbing my foot on her leg as I fell asleep. I would often declare "I want your oim (arm)" and then happily snuggle in.

Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Jackson is a super affectionate little boy and happily showers us with hugs, kisses and snuggles. When falling asleep at night, we rock in the glider in his room and he rubs my arm, face and neck as he drifts off. If I'm wearing long sleeves, he will push up my sleeves so he can have access to the bare skin. He does the same thing to his dad in the morning when they are snuggling in bed. I hope our sweet boy is always this generous to us with his love and affection! (And yes I'm filing this one away to pull out when he is a teenager!) =)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Updates! Bullet-style...

We are still here! I promise! Here's a bit of what we've been up to:
  • We said goodbye to the high chair! We had been having some dinner battles with Jackson and on a few nights he refused to sit in his chair and would only eat if he sat in a big chair at the table. His new big boy booster hasn't completely eradicated the dinner fights, but they have decreased in frequency and intensity.

  • He looks HUGE in his bed.
  •  Jackson LOVES sidewalk chalk.

  •  He also loves bubbles and can blow them himself now!

  • He can sort of blow his nose.
  • He talks A LOT. He chats all the time and much of it is discernible. I'm not saying that all of his words are perfect, but he gets his point across. Two syllable words are often the first syllable repeated. Example: Monkey="monk monk". Funny words he has said lately that make us laugh are "moosh" for juice and the word "toot". Accompanied by the action. And a giggle. Such.A.Boy.