Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend with Nana

Nana, who Jackson calls "Neenee", came to visit us this weekend. Jackson loves her so much and had the best time playing with her!

Nana and G-Paw got Jackson the Cozy Coupe for Christmas but it came without a steering wheel! So the beloved coupe stayed in Dallas for a few weeks until the replacement wheel arrived, and Nana brought it with her this visit. It was like Christmas morning all over again!

He hasn't quite figured out how to propel himself forward, but he's become a pro at going backwards!

 And he loves getting in and out of it, opening and closing the door, and putting his cup in the cup holders.

At one point, he even grabbed his lunch box and hopped in the car. He seemed like such a little man--grabbing his briefcase and heading off to work!

Later in the day, we went for our weekly trip to the park...
Jackson loves sliding with Daddy!
This seems to be a common pose for these two. The reality is that it's an easy way to redirect him so that he laughs rather than getting mad that you are diverting him. In this instance, he was headed to that sand pit that's behind them. Daddy cut him off, scooped him up, and then he laughed all the way to the swing set.

He got such a kick out of Nana swinging with him!

Happy boy!

We took Nana to Chuys that night for her birthday. There was a bit of a wait, but Jackson was so good and loved playing with all of Nana's iPhone apps. He's pretty skilled with the touchscreen!

The birthday lady and her boy.

My boys.
Thanks for coming to visit us Nana! We had a great time with you and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Reluctant Bath Buddy

We went out to dinner for the first time in ages with our friends, the Acostas on Friday night. Being the wild and crazy kids that we are, we decided to hang out after dinner too (translation: after bedtime)! So we decided to put the kiddos in the bath together and get them ready for bed.

Jillian was apparently feeling quite modest and did NOT want to take a bath with Jackson. Her bath ordeal lasted about 3 minutes, but it made for a few funny pictures.

Jackson says "what the heck is wrong with you? Bath time is supposed to be fun time!"

Jackson was so sad that his friend was upset!

Isn't this just the most pitiful thing you've ever seen?

Don't worry, her mommy rescued her about 1 minute after this picture was taken and Jackson enjoyed the rest of his bath--alone. =)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What we've been up to

I've been feeling a little under the weather this week with some sinus/cold thing and going to bed right after I put Jackson to bed so it's cut into my blogging time.

But isn't this a handsome little boy???
When did he get so OLD?
Today when I arrived at his school, he ran over to the refrigerator, opened it, found his lunchbox, waved and told everyone bye-bye and said thank you to his teacher, and marched out of the room--all basically unprompted and on his own accord. Instead of wanting me to carry him out, he wanted to carry his own lunchbox and walk out of school by himself too. On the way to the car, he told me about the tree, the flowers (which he stopped to smell) and the water ("wa-wa"--the puddles from the rain). Agghhhh my baby is getting big!

We've been enjoying the wagon Jackson got for Christmas, and discovering that our backyard is good for more than just a place for our dog to poop!

I love these two silly boys! And oh! If you could have heard his laugh!

We love to read together, and "We're going on a bear hunt" is currently on the favorites list.
His hand placement just cracks me up!
We tried out another park this weekend. The hill leading down to the park was a bigger hit than the playground itself! He loved climbing these stairs and then running down the hill!

How cute is he in these little jeans and hoodie with ears? I will be so sad when they no longer make in his size/he refuses to wear hooded jackets with ears!
So glad tomorrow is Friday! This has felt like a super long week!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Go speed racer!

Jackson loves grocery shopping! But only at HEB. And mainly because of one thing....

When he sees it coming, he looks like this...
So, so excited!
A race car buggy! We learned a couple of weekends ago that he will no longer sit in a regular buggy. When we approached the cart area, there was not a race car to be found so we just grabbed a regular cart. Screaming and flailing ensued when we tried to sit our spoiled stubborn opinionated strong-willed boy into it. We have since learned to cruise the parking lot until we find one in one of the cart return corrals and just park nearby. It ensures that we have a race car before we even make it up to the store!
Now it's time to get down to business!
 With Jackson at the wheel, we are able to get our weekly shopping done quickly and happily!
Our pre-printed, categorized-by-aisle grocery list doesn't hurt either. Yes, we are those people.

Thank you, HEB. Genius.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long Weekend Fun

We had a fun long weekend with our boy! Since he had been cooped up in the house so much, we tried to get out as much as possible. We had not one, but two trips to the park.

The first park we went to on Saturday was a new one for us but it was great! There were ducks AND playground equipment. We took his wagon and made a trip around the lake to see the ducks first. These were some of the most eager ducks I've ever encountered! And speaking of eager, I thought Jackson was going to jump right in to go after them!

The ducks thought our week old bread was fabulous!

And then we headed to the  playground. This guy was a little excited...

The pseudo-winter air was really dry and Jackson's static electricity hair was cracking us up!

And then we got to meet a squirrel up close and personal. As it turns out, squirrels enjoy week old bread too!
I thought he was going to scale my leg!

Nothing too eventful to report here, but I think bathtub pictures are just the cutest!
His hair is getting so long and thick!

On Monday, we went to our "normal" park that is closest to our house.

It was a very exciting trip to the park because the boys quickly spotted an "airpaaaaaaaane".

It was actually a helicopter but that's just as exciting!

It circled over us for a minute or two. Justin told Jackson that the pilot must have seen how excited he was to see the helicopter, so he circled so Jackson could enjoy it longer. Who knows, maybe he's right?!

Jackson is such a social little boy. We had the park completely to ourselves until another family showed up. As soon as Jackson saw other kids, he made a beeline across the park, probably about 400 yards to go see who his new playmates were. Who cares that they were much older than him? Any person under the age of 10 is automatically a new friend to our little social butterfly! The two little girls were probably 6 and 8, but Jackson followed them around and kept up step for step! They thought he was adorable of course, and didn't seem to mind their new "friend".

Three day weekends with this cutie are just the best!

Monday, January 16, 2012

19 Months!

Jackson is 19 months old!

A prop has become absolutely necessary to get these shots in! Sitting still in a chair with nothing to play with is the absolute last thing he wants to do. These are the attempts I made before we wisened up and gave him something to bang on!

This little one is 110% boy. He loves being loud, playing rough, getting dirty and adrenaline rushes.

He's busy, busy, busy. He loves music and dancing, although at this point his dance moves are limited to bending his knees and bouncing and spinning in circles until he is dizzy and falls down. He's also obsessed with jumping right now and wants us to jump with him. He will point at the space in front of him and demand us to "jump!" Of course, he can't actually jump yet, but he's got one heck of a knee bend and bounce. He's very good at running now and is pretty fast!

He loves turning things on, and now only has to be shown once where the "on" switch is and he will take it from there. He's quite the mimic--if we play with his toys in a certain way, we will see him acting out the same action a week later. For example, he got a toy bus and a motorized truck for Christmas. Just once we showed him that if he puts the truck behind the bus, the truck will push the bus along too. That's still his favorite way to play with the bus!

He's decided that building with blocks (instead of just knocking them down) is pretty fun, and will sit focused for a long time building towers. He's still not perfectly coordinated so he (now unintentionally) knocks them down pretty often. I get frustrated for him just watching! But he patiently starts over and does it all over again. He plays independently pretty well!

He's starting to recognize and name shapes. He saw a circle sticker outside the other day and pointed it out and very clearly said "circle!" Wow! He's also pointed out and named stars. He can point out a triangle if you ask him where one is in a book but he hasn't named that one yet.

He is adorably sweet and affectionate. He wants to kiss everyone and everything including his toys, our cat and especially Mommy. He will often abruptly stop whatever he's doing, come give me a hug and kiss and then go right back to what he's doing. Melt. my. heart.

Eating new foods is still hit or miss, depending on his mood and who is feeding him. When Grammy and Pop were here, Pop gave him some pizza with veggies and meat and he ate it all! Both at dinner and at lunch the next day! He is definitely eating more of his tried and true foods though and had a bit of a growth spurt this month. At the doctor last week, he weighed in at 25 lbs, 6 oz--up from 24 lbs, 8 oz just about 3 weeks ago. All of his 18 month pants are a little short now, and we just moved him up to size 4 diapers.

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the little boy you are becoming, sweet Jackson! You are the light of our lives!