Friday, September 30, 2011

Unrelated but undeniably cute...

First, some bath pictures from last night because they're just too darn cute not to share...

Now for a quick story...sometimes Jackson is a tad reluctant when I drop him off in the morning but today was not one of those days. We walked in the door to his room at school and he saw several of his little friends sitting at the table looking at some books. He yelled "book!" and then arched his back and wiggled for me to put him down. I put him down, he ran to the table, pulled out the chair, climbed onto the chair, picked up a book and started "reading". The little stinker wouldn't even look away from the book long enough to tell me bye! I see where I rank... ;) 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

He's a sponge!

It's amazing how quickly Jackson is learning new things these days! He's learning new words and signs daily. We've been trying to teach him "drink" or "cup" for ages...literally it was one of the first signs we started with. This is an important one because we do not give him his cup right away during dinner in hopes that he will actually eat something and not just fill up on milk/play with his cup the whole time. When he decides he's thirsty, he starts to whine obnoxiously. We always respond with, "Jackson do you want your drink?" along with the hand sign. He will usually clap or laugh to let us know we guessed the meaning of his whine correctly but up until today he would never perform the sign back to us. Justin mentioned it to his teacher this morning that we were really working on this sign. Jackson's school also does baby signs so his teacher said she would start focusing on "drink" with him. So what do you know...tonight at dinner he decided he wanted his cup and, just like that, he did the sign for it like he had been doing it for ages. Little stinker! After months of us trying to teach it, it took just one day with his teacher helping for him to get it! Gosh, I love Miss Donna!

Here are some fun pictures from tonight of the boys playing "Pirate Ship" with the laundry basket.
Here the waves were really rocking the ship....

And this is where the giant octopus attacked the pirate.

Check out all those teeth!
I just love watching these two play together! Jackson absolutely adores his daddy. From the moment I pick him up in the afternoon until we actually pull into the driveway, all he talks about is "Dada? Dada? Dada?" and then giggles with glee as we pull into the garage where he knows Daddy will be waiting to greet him.

Monday, September 26, 2011

What we've been up to...

We've mostly been busy just catching up after returning from vacation. Our computer is back and better than ever with a new hard drive, but the old hard drive is still being worked on to try and retrieve the files. Apparently this process takes a long time. We call every day to get the update and they tell us things are still looking positive but I'm getting more nervous by the day. Ugh...learn from our mistake and heartache and back up your files regularly! Prayers are still appreciated!

Jackson went to the doctor on Friday for his 15 month check up. It seems that all of his pickiness paired with boundless energy has finally caught up with his growth...or lack thereof. He had only gained 6 ounces and nary an inch in 3 months. The doctor wasn't worried in the least bit and said this is very typical for his age but did want us to start him on a multivitamin to fill in some of the gaps created by his limited palate. Otherwise he is doing great and is hitting all of his milestones right on target or slightly ahead. She was especially impressed with his "big" vocabulary and ability to identify body parts--those are apparently 18 month skills!

It was hard going back to work after being with my sweet boy 24/7 while on vacation. I guess he missed me too because he wanted to be wherever I was when we got home in the evening. Like this night when I layed down on the floor to watch something on tv....

He looks comfy, doesn't he?

He's been impressing us with his ability to use toys for their actual intended purpose like pushing cars along on the floor and making "vroom vroom" noises (where do boys get that??) and here with his shape sorter.

One day last week when I dropped him off at school we dropped frog in his drawer like we alwasy do and then he scampered off. He ran right to the window, looked out and said clear as day "bus!". His teacher told me that all of the kids enjoy watching a school bus that comes to drop off and pick up the bigger kids twice a day. A word I didn't even know he knew! I then went to leave and said "bye bye, buddy". He looked over his shoulder, waved and said "bye bye, mama!" Just like that. Oh, how big he seemed in that moment!

This weekend we headed to Nacogdoches for my 10 year high school reunion. 10 years! It seems like just yesterday in some ways but a lifetime in others. It was interesting seeing people I hadn't seen since graduation and fun catching up with others I just don't see nearly often enough. Jackson got to go to his 2nd football game and enjoyed his first bounce house at the reunion picnic. I think it is safe to say that a bounce house has a good chance of being the centerpiece of a certain someone's second birthday. While in Nac we also spent a low-key weekend with Pop at the new house! We missed Grammy because she was out of town at a conference, though. Jackson just adores his Pop. He also got to go on his first ride on the 4-wheeler, something Pop has been telling him about since the day he was born!

1st 4-wheeler ride.

Off they go!
He enjoyed just running around in the yard too!

Another weekend gone, another work/school week ahead of us...can you believe it's almost October?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

15 Months!

Sweet boy turned 15 months yesterday and the lucky duck got to spend most of his month day at the beach! I will share the beach pictures next (hopefully...we are in the middle of a computer nightmare--our laptop got dropped yesterday when we were loading up the car to head home and right now all we are getting is the blue screen of death. Please pray that the computer techs can fix it or at the very least retrieve all of the files on it--including the thousands of priceless pictures and videos of Jackson since he was born that we have stored on it.) So first--here's Jackson's month update and there's a lot to share as he's been busy learning this month!

He's added more new words to his vocabulary--I think we are up to about 10 words now. In addition to 'mama', 'dada', 'duck', 'dog', and 'book'--he now tells us about 'birds', 'bubbles', 'ball', 'outside' and 'shoes' (prounounced shoos like rhymes with juice).  He waves and says 'bye bye'. He intentionally falls down or drops things so he can say 'uh oh'. He jabbers, almost in a sing-song sort of way all the time. I think once he starts talking he will never shut up. =)

He's pretty good now at following simple instructions like "bring me the remote control" (that one is a favorite target). But sometimes, like any man, he feigns deafness. He can also point out his body parts if prompted including his hair, nose, mouth, ears, eyes, feet and belly button. He's also learned to blow kisses which is just the most heart-melting thing ever. He now has 12 teeth including 4 molars.

Even with all those teeth, he's still a very picky eater and there's only about 5-10 foods he will eat reliably: cheese (he eats a lot of quesadillas and grilled cheese), oatmeal, applesauce, yogurt, strawberries, grapes, cheerios and guacamole. He will at least try most fruits but will only eat vegetables if they are purreed and hidden in his yogurt. He will not eat meat in any way, shape or form. Surprising foods he rejected this week: mashed potatoes, french fries, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and cake. Seriously? He's a strange child when it comes to eating.

A favorite past-time is opening and closing drawers and cabinets and putting objects into those drawers and cabinets. We often find random toys or objects that don't belong in our dresser drawers and such. He's outgoing and really likes other children. I think he missed his school friends while we were on vacation because every time he saw another child he would run up to them, start jabbering, and then try to join in on whatever activity they were doing.

One not so cute development is that he's also becoming quite the toddler in his demands and protests, dramatically shrieking and throwing himself down on the floor like his life is over if he can't have or do whatever it is he wanted. Lord, grant us patience and wisdom with this strong-willed boy!

The majority of the time though he is just a delight. He's happy, funny and constantly impressing us with new things he can say or do. We are so lucky to be your parents sweet Jackson!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pint-size Picasso

We are having a fantastic vacation so far! Just enjoying lazy days playing at the beach and the pool, amazing sunsets and dinner on the patio in the evening and a glass of wine after the little man goes to bed. I promise we have been taking lots of pictures and will have whole week's worth of posts after we return. This one is from before we left on vacation though....

Jackson was not feeling well all week last week. He had a bad cough and low grade fever on Monday so we decided to keep him home. He went to school on Tuesday and Wednesday but just didn't seem to be getting any better. I decided it was time to let the doctor check him out, especially with our upcoming trip. So he went to the doctor on Thursday and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and a wheeze in his lungs. This earned him 3 medications (one to be given every 3 hours) and no school for the rest of Thursday and Friday.

So Justin and I split the days as we typically do and spent some extra time with our little boy who was a little cuddlier than normal and fairly content to just snuggle and watch cartoons. By Friday afternoon though he was feeling some better and Justin, who had the afternoon shift at home, needed an activity to keep him entertained. Via g-chat he asked for suggestions and I told him there was some paint in the craft drawer...spread out some newspaper and let him go to town. So that's exactly what they did. Isn't he just the cutest little painter you've ever seen?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quick Update

We've been busy busy busy! We went to Nac this weekend to help my parents move. Justin helped move heavy stuff and I tried to help with some of the packing, but for some reason, I didn't get much done. Jackson is into everything these days and I spent most of the time trying to keep him out of the way. We did find a way to occupy him for a good thirty minutes though....

Back on the home front, we've gotten a lot of questions from family and friends about how Jackson likes the new big tv. I'll let you decide for yourself....
He doesn't watch much tv in general, so when he does it's a treat and all-engrossing. Now multiply that times 10 with the bigger and better model. The first time he saw Elmo's Ducks up there on the big screen I thought he was going to cry tears of joy. Yes, he likes it quite a bit.

We've also been enjoying the long-awaited (and likely somewhat short lived) cooler weather. After months (literally months, y'all) of 100+ degree days, a day in the low 90s is like heaven! We've been trying to take advantage of it while it lasts!

This was our first post-dinner walk in months! Yay!

We leave for our vacation in just 3 short days! So much to do!