Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Justin!

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband and Jackson's great daddy! He celebrated the first anniversary of his 30th birthday this weekend! We got to enjoy a rare night out without Jackson on Saturday evening to have dinner with our friends thanks to Papa John and Granny coming into town and generously offering to babysit!

After dinner, we came back to our house for some cookie cake and just to hang out with everyone.

What a difference a year makes! Here we are last year on Justin's birthday....

Thanks friends for helping us celebrate!

On Sunday, I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast that Jackson actually ate and really enjoyed!

We got ready for church but there was time for a quick story with Granny and Papa John before we left.  

After church and lunch, Granny and Papa John had to go home. After Jackson's nap, we headed out to go pick out Justin's birthday present. He has wanted a new tv to replace our old 27" tube tv for ages and I finally gave in. Do you think he was a little excited?

They call this type of tv a "smart tv" and boy, they aren't kidding. I think it's smarter than me. It has more features than I will ever use (or probably even know about) but it made this guy really happy and that's all that matters!

Happy birthday Justin! Jackson and I are so blessed to have you as the man of our lives! We love you!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mud Pit, Sound Check and Football Game

My crazy summer with work culminated with Gig 'Em Week: Aggieland's Week of Welcome. My office coordinates several large, outdoor events during this week. We had braced ourselves for 100+ degree weather but we had not at all prepared for pouring rain; afterall, it's only rained (briefly) I think maybe two other times this summer! When we got the first of the blessed rain on Wednesday night, I was grateful along with the rest of our hot, dry state. It was so monumental that Justin took Jackson outside to enjoy it!

I checked the weather and it was clear for Thursday--the day we had two large outdoor events planned. Phew. I drove in to work on Thursday morning and it wasn't at all clear. Soon the rain started again. We delayed our first event because the weather reports said it was supposed to clear up but it didn't. So we held our event in the rain. My team is fantastic and everyone just kept up their energy and attitudes despite the weather. But boy were we a mess. The event was held on a large grassy field but after about 3000 students trampled it to get free pizza, it was just a giant muddy mess. Doesn't this look like fun?

Awesome Team GEW (Gig 'Em Week)! I <3 my NSP team!

Later that evening, we put on a concert. It was supposed to be outdoors, but it was still raining at noon when we had to make the call whether to move it inside or not and decided to err on the safe side and move it inside. Since I was working until 11 that night, Justin and Jackson came to visit that evening just in time for the band's sound check. Jackson watched from backstage...

But he wanted nothing more than to run on stage and check out all the instruments....

While backstage, he also got to meet his first Aggie Yell Leader!

Thanks, Patrick! And WHOOP for the proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2032!

With 10,5000 new Aggies moved in and welcomed, my "busy season" is officially over! The end of summer and approaching fall means one big thing around here: FOOTBALL season! We took Jackson to his very first football game, Bryan's Rudder High vs. Taylor. He got to see his big "sister" Morgan who is the cheerleading sponsor for Taylor. He loved the experience--being outside, lots of action, music from the band, and plenty of people to watch. We tried to get him to smile for a picture with Morgan but there were way too many distractions!

He was such a trooper and almost made it to the end of the game before he started to melt down. We took the boy home and put him to bed--he needed his rest because the next day we were going to celebrate his Dad's birthday! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 minutes of cuteness

The following pictures and video are the result of following Jackson around with the camera for just about 5 minutes last night. He's so busy...being cute!

He saw Daddy's hat on the counter and let me know he wanted it with a point and demanding grunt. He quickly showed us that he knows exactly what it's for though!

Hats are good for other purposes holding your toys!

And then it was on to the next thing...

His best friend, Gracie the cat!

He's getting better about "being sweet" with her!

LOVE this.

Gracie was getting a little annoyed by his exuberant affection at this point...

So she ran away under the table but he quickly followed!

Next it was time for a quick ball pit break.

Just relaxing....

Then a detour to play with the dog food. He was banging on it like a bongo but I wasn't able to capture that with a picture!

Happy to see Daddy!

I love these boys!

After dinner he got his wish and we did head outside for a little while. Are you tired yet? Because he wasn't!

Phew. Love this busy boy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A visit with the Golden Girls

We made a quick trip to Dallas this weekend to visit Justin's mom and family up there. We got up early on Saturday morning and jetted over to Arlington to visit our real life Golden Girls--GG (Jackson's Great Great Grandmother), Grandma Ann (Jackson's Great Grandmother) and Aunt Janet (Jackson's Great Great Aunt). We spent a nice day visiting with them and Jackson loved being doted upon.
Enjoying a post nap snack and kisses from Grandma Ann.

He loved playing with all the toys they got out just for him.

Showing us the sign for "hat".

Everything is a hat!

Silly boy!

Showing Aunt Janet how You Tube works.
Jackson and his Golden Girls.

Do you think he has enough people to love him?
 After leaving Arlington, we met up with my brother Matt for dinner in the Big D. It was Jackson's first time (since he's been aware of what's going on around him) to see skyscrapers and the busyness of a big city. And he loved seeing his Uncle Matt, of course!

I think these two are going to be best buds.
 It was really a whirlwind trip because first thing the next morning we headed home so I could get back in time for work (yes, on a Sunday) that afternoon. We couldn't leave without a few last minute hugs and kisses from Nana and G-Paw though!

We do wish our families were closer but are grateful for weekend trips!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

14 Months!

Jackson is 14 months old!
The primary focus of this month was mastering walking! As a result he's everywhere and into everything! He's starting to climb but thankfully has also learned how to get down. He thinks he's so big because he can slide down off of the couch (or his chair when we are taking his month pictures) and take off whenever he wants.

He's started making up games for everything and loves it when we play along. Like today when he repeatedly put "Frog" in a suitcase, shut the lid, pretended to look for him, and then opened the suitcase to "find" him. He thought it was hilarious that I would say "bye bye frog" each time he went in the suitcase and "hello frog!" everytime he reappeared. After months of only taking things out, he's finally developed an interest in putting objects back into containers. One of his favorite "toys" right now is a shoe box that he repeatedly opens, puts a toy in, closes, opens, pulls toy out, and repeats. This new appreciation for putting things in to a container led to him helping me clean up a few of his toys yesterday!  

He really enjoys school and thrives on the routine and stimulation. He gets seriously bored on weekend days when we never leave the house. He's always excited on Monday mornings when he arrives at school and gets to see his friends. Speaking of school, he's been sleeping on a nap mat there for the last month and
moves up to the toddlers class next week! Such a big boy! Nearly all of his little friends are also moving to the next class and he has been able to spend some time with the new teacher so we are praying that the transition is smooth and easy for everyone involved.

He loves books and has added that word to his vocabularly this month--both the sign and the word itself. He's really skilled at turning the pages and sits and studies each page like he is really reading. Hopefully I will have a fellow bookworm to share my love of reading with!

He is just pure joy wrapped up in the most precious 24 pound package! We love you sweet Jackson!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend with the Fam

We headed down to Houston this weekend to see my sister and her family. My parents, grandma, and brother Marc, and his family were also there.

Jackson was out of his routine and I think feeling a little under the weather on Saturday with just the slightest fever but we knew just the thing to distract him. We took advantage of the neighborhood pool and it was really perfect for him. It was one of those zero entry types with water sprays shooting out of the shallow part. He loved it!

He had a blast playing with Pop!

Such a big boy walking all over the pool.

This was actually the first pool Jackson ever "swam" in about a year ago. What a difference a year makes!

Jackson and his Aunt Melly last August.
 We also got to spend some quality time with sweet baby Evelyn.

Jackson didn't mind sharing Pop's lap too much....
But wasn't thrilled about "holding" the sweet little bundle.
  He LOVED playing with big cousin Annabelle though! He thought she was SO cool. This is where he played most of the time while we were there...up and down the stairs. Yep, down...he learned how to go down the stairs and not just up!

Cousins! Gosh, he's so big!

We also got to celebrate this sweet lady's 75th birthday with her!

Happy birthday Grandma-Grandma!

Then Annabelle made her mommy nearly have a heart attack by holding baby Evelyn. She did SO good though!

It's rare when we are all together so Mom wanted some pictures with all the grandchildren...

We got all the big kids smiling!
And now all the little kids are smiling!
Gram and Pop with all their grands.
 Grandma is headed back to Florida this week. We will miss her very much but are glad we got to spend some time with her this summer!

Yep, I'm rocking the "no makeup and didn't do my hair today" look. It's hot, isn't it?
  We have a busy few weeks and weekends coming up but the countdown to our vacation is on! 25 days!