Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lots of videos!

I feel like we need to keep the camera rolling 24 hours a day to capture all the new, fun things Jackson is doing. He is officially a "walker" now and is probably now walking about half the time to get from place to place. He can now pull to a stand without holding onto something, but this skill has proven to be quite elusive to record. I'll keep trying to get that one.

He can pretty much stand alone indefinitely and squat to pick things up as this first video demonstrates....

He's also growing quite communicative! He surprised me the other day when we were driving home from school. We were just jabbering along and singing like we always do when I asked him, "Jackson, what animal says 'quack quack'?" to which he responded with a plain and simple "duck". Smarty pants! I had to show this one to daddy when we got home....

He's also really picking up the sign language now. We've been showing him the sign for "more" since we first started the signs about 6 months ago. As you can see, he's got it down now, at least as long as popsicles are involved!

I have the best baby in the world! I may have mentioned before that Justin and I alternate weekend mornings with who gets up with Jackson when he decides it's time to rise and shine, usually sometime between 7:15 and 8:00 am. Well, guess what? Today was my morning and my precious angel son who loves his mommy very much decided to sleep til 10:15. Love that boy! I made pancakes (which he actually ate) and scrambled eggs and then we went to the late church service. Blissful Sunday! We hope you all are enjoying yours too!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Evelyn is Here!

Jackson is a big cousin!

We headed down to Houston on Sunday afternoon when we got the news that Mel was in labor. We waited and waited and waited while my crazy superstar sister had a NATURAL childbirth but finally, sweet baby Evelyn Sophia arrived in the wee hours of Monday morning, July 25th at 1:11 am., weighing 7 lbs. 1 oz. and measuring 20 1/2 inches long.

Sweet baby Evelyn

Evelyn and her tired mommy

Mel was a champ, but I'll gladly take the epidural, please and thank you!

One proud daddy

Excited big sister, Scarlette
There's nothing like holding a brand new baby!
Grammy with her 5th grandbaby!
Grandma-grandma with her 11th great grandbaby!
  The next morning, Jackson got to meet his new cousin! He was mildly interested but mostly just ready to get down to play. He will have to give her a few months, but I bet these two will be great friends before long!

Jackson meeting Evelyn

Mel with her 3 kiddos
Evelyn all ready for her car ride home.

Welcome to the family, Evie!!!

P.S. Don't you all think that Melody should start a blog so we can keep up with sweet Evelyn??? hint, hint sister!

Friday, July 22, 2011

50 Days!

Jackson said he wanted to go back to the beach....

How could we possibly say no to that?

So, we booked our trip this week! We are headed back to the beach in September--50 days from now! After the week I've had at work, it's the thought of sugar white sand beaches, turquoise water, and lots of quality time with my boys that is keeping me going.

Justin and I would be happy with nothing more than 5 days spent lying on the beach. Give us a cheap condo right on a quiet beach and we will be happy. But having little one in tow makes us approach the situation a little differently and decided a resort with some extra options might be more fun. So after lots of research, we are going here, to Waterscape Resort on Okaloosa Island:

One of the upsides to working like crazy all summer is that the early fall is the best time for me to take vacation....right when the rates for a place like this drop into the "low season" so that we can actually afford it!

There's 3 pools (one of them being the "zero entry" style that is perfect for toddlers), a children's splash pad, covered playground, and a lazy river. And, oh yeah, it's beach front too!

Supposedly the view from our condo!

We are counting down the days!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Those Summer Nights

We had a great night yesterday. Jackson was wrapping up a nearly week long "staycation" with his Nana. He loved playing hookie from school with her and spent the days hanging out in his PJs, watching Sesame Street, playing  like crazy, and basically keeping his Nana on her toes. We got home after work and it was time for swimming lessons! Daddy was in the pool with the boy this time and the pair enjoyed Jackson's last swimming lesson.
Laughing at new friend Aiden.

Of course everything is a hat!
He got pretty good at getting out of the pool with just a little bit of help.

After swimming lessons, we came home to a fabulous dinner cooked by Nana and then had some watermelon outside for dessert. But Jackson wasn't really into it...

But he does love his water table!

And playing in the grass/mud!

 Don't you just love the little smudges of dirt on his face?
Hey mom, whatcha doin with that?

And then a plane came by and the world stopped for a moment.

I know he's my kid so I'm somewhat biased, but isn't he just absolutely perfect?

 And then it went away and the boy was sad.

And then it was time for bath and bed.

I just love these long summer days! Enjoying an evening outside with our outdoor loving little boy somehow makes the oppressive heat of the day a little more bearable.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

13 Months

I know a lot of other blogging mommies who stop the monthly updates after the child turns one. But I feel like Jackson is still growing and changing so much from month to month, and I so enjoy doing the monthly updates to document it all. So hopefully you won't mind either if I keep it up for a while longer!

It's hard to even refer to him as a baby these days. He's giving us more and more glimpses of the child he is becoming. And he is ALL boy. He loves making messes, being loud, and playing rough. He loves going outside and is SO ready to get to run and play in the yard.

Doesn't he look SO OLD here? His Nana was trying to make him smile and this is his "Good try, Nana, but forget about it" face! What a little turkey!
 The biggest milestone of this month is that he's finally started walking! YAY Jackson! He still mostly crawls but is embarking on his adventures on two feet more and more. He's also become much more communicative in the last month. He's added a few new words like "duck" and "dog", but is also gesturing, grunting and parrotting much more. He knows what he wants and is getting really good at telling us exactly what that may be.

Love that dimple!

He's such a little entertainer! When we are around a group of friends, he knows he's the star of the show and absolutely basks in all the extra attention. He flirts with people we see in the grocery store, charms the waitresses, and is constantly making us laugh.

He's really adaptable and will let us take him anywhere to do anything. But like any toddler, his attention span is fairly short and he will also let us know when he is done! Like he was with this photo shoot....

We've learned that the portable DVD player is good for occasions besides car going out to eat.  Jackson will happily participate in dinner for the first 45 minutes or so but beyond that and he's ready to move on to the next thing. Bless that Elmo! Elmo helps us be able to finish our meal and pay our bill in relative peace.

He's definitely a momma's boy these days. As long as I am out of sight, he is just fine playing with someone else. But if I show up, I better be holding him or it's major meltdown time. It's flattering, but it does make it hard to get things done sometimes. I've been working like a crazy woman this summer though, so I think it's just his way of reminding me to slow down and just enjoy him before he's all grown up.

We're loving this stage and this sweet little boy!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Jackson thinks it is so funny when someone chases him....

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Walking Update

Since the Fourth and his first steps in the pool, Jackson has been making good progress towards walking. We are usually still limited to about 2 or 3 steps at a time, but we've seen a few longer stretches of 5 or 6 steps at once. These episodes have proven very difficult to capture on camera! Jackson just won't perform when that red light is blinking at him. So tonight after swimming lessons, we put him in his (empty) pool in the backyard while Justin was doing his nightly watering chores and I just let the camera roll. He seems to like to test his skills in his pool...I guess because the sides are soft and make great handrails for pulling up and balancing. Below is an excerpt from about five and a half minutes worth of video...see, I like you so much that I won't subject you to the whole thing...just the highlights! Only the best for my loyal readers!

In other news, he is cutting his top first molars! He skipped over the cuspids and wen't straight for the big ones. He was being really whiney last night so I turned him upside down to tickle him and could see the shiny new tooth (number 9!) poking through. Upon further inspection, it looks like the one on the other side will pop through any day, but for now the gums are just red and swollen. Poor guy! I hope the cuspids come through soon or he's going to have a really snaggle-toothed smile!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Like a fish!

Jackson started swimming lessons today! We will go Monday-Thursday at 6:30 for the next two weeks. This makes for pretty hectic evenings, but, oh my, this kid loved it!

Justin hung out and took all the pictures so we will have them to share with the media when Jackson is the next Michael Phelps. Ha!

First he got to make some new friends. He is so gregarious! It was fun watching him interact with the other kiddos. No idea where he gets this from with two introverts for parents!

Then we practiced some leg kicks and general water acclimation (this step not really necessary for Jackson...I think the crazy boy is ready to jump off the diving board.)

This is his teacher, Maria. He was instantly comfortable with her and loved swimming with her to "get mommy".

Maria really know the way to this little man's heart, because next she brought out ducks! I think Jackson is in love.

We got home around 7:15 and Jackson was already ready to crash. A quick bath, two books, a few minutes of cuddling with mommy and he was asleep almost instantly. I think he's going to sleep like a rock tonight! 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Belated Fourth!

We stayed in Nacogdoches last weekend through the Fourth. Gosh, I love these 3 day weekends. As I mentioned before, we had kind of an unusual Fourth because we couldn't go out in the boat. But Jackson didn't mind one bit! He LOVED the blow up pool.

After we coerced Jackson out of the pool, we headed into town for dinner and to watch the fireworks. We went to Clear Springs for some catfish and the unbeatable onion rings. 

Jackson with his Pop
We were so glad that Nacogdoches was able to have their fireworks display while many of the surrounding counties had to cancel theirs due to burn bans.  We got there just before dark to claim our spot. By this time, it was already over an hour past this boy's bed time, and he was thinking about being cranky. Luckily, he hung in there and really enjoyed the fireworks show! When the show first started, he pointed up at the display, looked back at me, did the sign for 'light' and then watched in awed silence for the duration. It was a really good show and it was wonderful watching it with my little boy and seeing the "magic" through his fresh eyes!