Saturday, April 30, 2011


I mentioned before that Jackson has been helping us really enjoy the Spring this year. He's perfectly content to just sit on the porch, and would stay out there as long as we would let him. If he's pitching a fit (usually resulting from being told no or wanting only mommy to hold him when I'm trying to use the bathroom, cook dinner, etc), we just walk outside with him and he instantly calms.

I love my sweet boys!
Spending all this time outside has been so nice! We often take walks in the neighborhood after dinner so we are beginning to meet many of our neighbors and have even spotted some local wildlife!

We see this bunny (or maybe one of its many brothers or sisters) nearly every evening.
We've also actually managed to keep the flowers we planted alive! In the previous years when we planted flowers we succeeded in killing them within just a few weeks--we would get busy and they would get neglected. But this year, it's our little every other night ritual that we go outside and the boys watch me water the flowers.  So nearly two months later and they are still doing great! I couldn't be more proud.

You may notice that the hanging basket on the left looks, well, dead. It is. But there's a good reason! A little bird built her nest in it! Justin had seen a pair of them flitting around shortly after we put the baskets up and suspected they were trying to find a place to nest. He was taking the basket down to put a ball of aluminum foil in it to discourage the birds when he realized he was too late--they had already built the nest and laid the eggs. He carefully replaced the basket and we just gave up on it plant-wise. But look what we have now...

Baby birds don't start out looking very cute, do they?
I've been taking a picture of them each day since we realized they hatched and it's amazing to see how much they grow and change each day. Me and the momma bird can definitely commiserate that these babies just grow up too fast! Of course, she might be ready to send her babies packing sooner rather than later...if I had to regurgitate my meals to feed Jackson I might be more eager for him to grow up!

Tonight we went out to play with bubbles which Jacksons just loves. You can just see his wheels turning trying to figure it out.

"Let me get a closer look!"

"Hey dad, let me do it!"

We are definitely not looking forward to the warmer temperatures that are now just around the corner, but at least now I have a good excuse to have a kiddie pool in my backyard!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

On Saturday of our Easter weekend, the girls spent the morning repairing the damage done by peeling all of those crawfish on the previous day with some fabulous mani/pedis.  We spent much of the rest of the day doing some shopping. Despite playing hard all day, Jackson fought bedtime in a big way on Saturday night and finally, finally gave up around 10:30. I thought for sure he would sleep in, but he woke up on Easter Sunday around 8. Basically from the moment he woke up he was cranky and it was obvious he needed to go back to sleep. I happily and quickly crashed on the couch while Grammy cojoled Jackson back to sleep. Once asleep, she passed him off to me and we happily slept there until 10:00. 10:00!--with church at 11:00!! Once awake we hurried through breakfast and getting ready and declared it an Easter miracle that we were all ready on time. Obviously, the next picture was taken after church.

He was a little monkey during the service and we ended up in the "cry room" before the sermon even began. It was a nice service, but we do wish we could somehow spend the Easter weekend in Nac and still magically get to attend the Easter service at our own church, Brazos Fellowship, here in College Station.

Jackson and two of his cousins, Scarlette and Tristan. He's working on another tooth or two and has been gnawing on that finger (or anything else that gets close enough to his chompers incessantly).
After church, my dad fried the turkey which gave us time to fit in a nap for Jackson followed by Easter Basket time. The Easter Bunny was good to Jackson and he got 2 baskets plus lots of cards and even some new clothes!

Lunch was amazing with fried turkey, dirty rice dressing and all the fixings. Yum!

How cute are these two? We'll see how long Justin lets me leave this one up here....

Jackson watching for the Easter Bunny. Or maybe just fascinated by my brother's dogs in the backyard. Either way, super cute.
After a big nap, we reluctantly packed up our stuff and headed home. It was a great visit and Jackson absolutely adored getting loved on by all of his family. He's such a sponge right now and is learning new things all the time like my dad teaching him how to "high five" in just one morning. It's the cutest thing...I will have to try and get a video of it. He's also been getting really good at taking a few steps on his own with the assistance of his push toy. I can't believe how big he's getting or the fact that we've now celebrated every major holiday with this sweet boy. Each one has been more fun and definitely more meaningful as our little family of three!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

(Really) Good Friday

We had a great weekend full of family, food, and fun! Jackson's daycare was closed on Friday, so we took off for Nacogdoches on Thursday night. We started off our jam-packed Friday with a lunchtime visit with Justin's dad. We ate some BBQ and Jackson showed off all of his new skills for his Papa John.

After a good visit, we headed out to my parent's lake house, hoping that Jackson would nap before it was time for our annual crawfish boil. Napping was not in his plans (not really at all this weekend), but he was in a great mood anyway and enjoyed hanging out outside while the crawfish were prepared. He even got to meet a real, live crawfish!

My parents bought Jackson this little Cars camping chair last summer, and at the time he was a tiny infant and I thought it would be quite awhile before he could use it. Flash forward just a few months...he loved sitting in his big boy chair!

Pretty soon it was crawfish time!

Yum! The 10 of us ate 65 pounds of crawfish!

And what did little man do during all of this? Because he's the absolute best baby ever, he happily played in his pack and play. And because he's SO BIG, with just a little practice he learned how to stand up in the pack and play.

After we finished off the crawfish, we all enjoyed just hanging out, taking turns on the four-wheeler, and reminiscing about old family stories.

Up next....Jackson's first visit from the Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter!

We hope you have a blessed and happy Easter celebration today!

"Jesus said to her, 'I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.'" -- John 11:25-26 NIV

Sunday, April 17, 2011

10 Months Old!

Jackson turned 10 months old yesterday! He is a busy, busy boy!

He wants to stand up all the time. He uses virtually any surface that is the right height to pull up on, from the coffee table to laundry baskets to whichever parent is sitting on the floor with him.  He's not yet showing much interest in cruising, but has advanced from mostly army-man crawling to mostly crawling on all fours. His previously sweet, baby soft little arms and knees have now become rough from all of his adventures.

He now responds to some verbal directions, like coming when we call him, waving bye-bye and will usually clap his hands when I sing "If you're happy and you know it". He will also now play peek-a-boo on his own, like here, after bath time....

He's still a bit of a picky eater, but we are going to keep offering him a variety of foods and encourage him to develop his palate. He loves yogurt, applesauce, cheese, and (like mother like son) I don't think he's ever met a carbohydrate he didn't like. He does eat a variety of other fruits and vegetables, especially if they are mixed with applesauce. He's basically stopped taking a bottle at school, but still nurses 4-5 times per day on the weekends. He's a sippy cup pro, but prefers to drink out of mommy or daddy's cup and even does pretty good with a straw.

He is wearing mostly 12 month size clothes, but some 6-9 month still fit, as long as they are not long pants. He's wearing a size 3-4 shoe, and probably weighs about 21 pounds.

He now has 5 teeth, and, I know this isn't a big deal to many moms who's babies were born with lots of hair, but we now have to wet his hair down and brush it every day. I think we will hold out until his first birthday to get that first haircut, but he will definitely need it!

He loves, loves, loves the outside...we go on lots of walks and our picnic blanket has gotten a lot of use this year!  Jackson just enjoys sitting outside, so we will sit on the porch or in the grass in the evenings looking at the flowers, watching the birds and bumblebees or blowing bubbles. I think we have enjoyed Spring more than ever this year!
"Yes! 10 Months Old!"

At 10 months old, Jackson is just a bundle of energy and fun. He's generous with his smiles, extremely affectionate, and loves to make us laugh. I can't believe he's already 10 months old! The 1st birthday planning is officially underway and will be here before we know it! We're treasuring these last few months of his babyhood, although he is growing more toddler-like with each passing day.

  Happy 10 months buddy! We love you more with each passing day!

"Whew, this photo shoot took a lot out of me!"

Friday, April 15, 2011

BAM! 100 Posts!

This is my 100th post! Jackson thinks this milestone is pretty funny...

Can I officially call myself a blogger now (as opposed to someone who has a blog)? Sometimes things get busy and I don't get to post as frequently as I would like, but I am so glad I have made it a priority to keep this thing up. It has allowed us to share the joy our sweet little boy has brought us with our family, friends, and even some perfect strangers, near and far. We've been able to document the big milestones that I know we will treasure for years to come. And it's given me an outlet to reflect on the little moments that would have otherwise been forgotten and really savor each and every one. So thanks to all of you out there for reading--knowing you are out there and (maybe?) looking forward to the next post motivates me to carve out the time to actually do it, but it's incredibly personally rewarding to know that we have these memories captured for our family to enjoy forever.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


There once was a little boy who loved his Superman outfit...

Faster than a speeding bullet...

More powerful than a locomotive....

And able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

And then that little boy grew up and became a real Superman--he became a daddy!

So naturally, when we found these super PJs, Justin Jackson just had to have them!

It's a bird!

It's a plane!


And he can melt his daddy's heart with just one smile. We think he's pretty super, don't you?