Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nobody's grass is greener...

Now that it's not so dreadfully hot, we've been enjoying a little more outside time with Jackson. He loves it! This week, we introduced him to grass!

It's so fun watching him have new experiences like this one. He's incredibly curious and you can just see his little wheels turning. I don't think there's anything sweeter than experiencing life's little pleasures through the eyes of a child!

Coming full-circle

Whoa it's been a long week! We had a couple of "full-circle" experiences this week...the first was on Monday. When I was an undergrad at A&M and a psychology major, I was a student research assistant in the Infant Cognition Lab which studies the nature and development of infants' object knowledge. One of our tasks in the "Baby Lab" was to look up the contact information for the parents of babies born in our local area and create mailings inviting families to participate in the research. About a month ago, we received our packet in the mail that looked basically the same as the ones I put together in the Baby Lab back in 2003. Being the hugely nostalgic nerd that I am, I eagerly made Jackson's first appointment. I took him after work on Monday and he did great! The specific experiments are different than the ones I remember, but still very familiar. It was pretty neat to be able to bring my baby to the same lab that I benefited from as a student, and as a participant in the lab, Jackson received a certificate and his very own Infant Cognition Lab t-shirt!

On Wednesday, we went to the first meeting of our new small's the back story...from 2002-2005, we attended a tiny church with maybe 20 members, and enjoyed small group fellowship in the home of Dawson and Michelle Skow. This was before Justin and I were married and before Dawson and Michelle had kids. Shortly after we were married in 2005, our church disbanded and we all sought new church homes. Several of us ended up at our current church, Brazos Fellowship. Last year, we began attending a small group connected to the church made up of other young married couples without kids. This group was a great blessing in our lives, but with Jackson's arrival, we "graduated" into a new classification. This week, we joined a new group for married couples with kids. I say a "new" group, but this group is also led by Dawson and Michelle. They now have 3 cute kiddos and have recently moved to a new home, but being in their small group feels comfortable and we are excited to get to share our lives with them again.

In between these full-circle experiences, we had a crazy week complete with a trip to the doctor. When I arrived at Jackson's daycare on Tuesday at lunch time, he was crying like a crazy man and was basically inconsolable. He's still fighting this upper respirtatory crud, so I was convinced it was his ears and we headed to the doctor for his first sick kid appointment. The doctor could find nothing wrong with us and sent us home with no real frustrating. After a fussy evening, he went to bed early and then woke up the next morning a different baby. So I'm not sure if it was gas or who knows what, but we were very glad to have our happy boy back. After Tuesday, he had pretty good days at daycare for the rest of the week. Praise the Lord!

We've also had a busy weekend but I'll save that for another post!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Enough hair to spike!

Last night we realized that Jackson has reached another exciting milestone--he now has enough hair to spike!! This is very exciting for two reasons. #1: From the moment we first laid eyes on him, we knew he was Justin's mini-me. Justin has worn his hair in his signature faux-hawk for a number of years. We knew it was just a matter of time until his mini-me would sport the signature style.

#2: I was pathetically bald as a baby. See for yourself...

That's me at nearly a year old. I didn't really have much hair to speak of until I was about 3. I had always hoped that our baby would actually have some hair. It's something I wished for, yes, even prayed for while I was pregnant. When Jackson was being delivered, the nurse informed me that he had hair. I was excited! When he was born, he did have some hair but a lot of it fell out in the first few weeks. But it's regrowing! During bath time, I would occasionally try to spike it. When I did this the first time and brushed all of his hair to the middle of his head, it just looked like I had drawn a line across his scalp with a magic marker. But when I did it last night, he actually had a little faux-hawk! I was squealing with delight at our well-coiffed little boy, but he was quite non-plussed about the whole thing....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 3 Months Jackson!

Jackson turned 3 months old yesterday! One quarter of a year! This month has been a time of transition for us...from me being a stay at home mom to a working mom and Jackson going to daycare. Two and a half weeks in, and we are still really transitioning. The biggest adjustment has been transitioning to living on a schedule rather than a routine. When I was home with him, we had an easy breezy routine--basically eat, play, sleep, repeat. Now we are ruled by a clock which all of us are having a hard time with. We really only see our delightful happy morning boy on the weekends now, because he doesn't naturally wake up at 6:45 and our hour in the morning is spent dealing with a crabby baby who would rather be still snoozing than getting dressed, eating breakfast, etc.

Physically, he is a big sturdy little boy! He still doesn't love tummy time, but does so well when he puts up with it! He's propping himself up on his elbows really well now to look around and if one of us provides some resistance to his feet, he can scoot himself forward.

When on his back, he can roll to his side and just needs a little more momentum and he will be able to roll all the way over. He loves his play mat, mirrors, bath time and Bob Marley. He giggles when you tickle him now and smiles easily in most situations.

For the first two months of his life, I rarely ate a meal without holding him either in my arms or in the Bjorn. Over the last few weeks though, he has started being ok with hanging out in his bouncer seat on the table during meal times. He continues to sleep through the night, or close to it...usually from about 10:30 or so to about
5:00 without waking.

Overall, he is just a really good baby! He is more fun every day and is just the light of our lives! We love you Jackson!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Baby Giggles

Watching my two boys play together makes my heart happy...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another great weekend

Jackson was feeling absolutely fine on Friday. It was somewhat irritating that he totally could have gone to daycare, but I was obviously happy that he was feeling better and we had a fun morning together. We also proceeded with our trip to Nacogdoches for the weekend. My niece, Annabelle's, 3rd birthday party was on Saturday afternoon, but we first took a long overdue trip to visit Justin's Grandma Ruby (Malnar) in the next town over on Saturday morning. Grandma Ruby cooked us a delicious lunch and she was so delighted to finally meet Jackson!

He looks comfortable, doesn't he?

After our visit with Grandma Ruby, we headed back to Nac for the birthday party. Here's Jackson, reunited with his Aunt Melly (she hadn't seen him in a month and was dying to get her hands on him) and posing with the pretty princess birthday girl.

A couple of Annabelle's little friends from school were there and wow, God bless those nursery school teachers. The party was a success though, complete with lots of presents, delicious cake and crown decorating.

On Sunday, we went out on the lake for our last time this season. Who is this huge baby waiting to leave for the lake???

Jackson really does love the lake. Here he is telling Pop how much he enjoys it, complete with a delightful little giggle at the beginning of the video:

Jackson and his cousin Scarlette

He enjoyed snoozing on the boat and keeping Annabelle company (she's not really a fan of the water).

We all enjoyed my brother, Matt's, fun new toy. Thanks for sharing, Matt!

Over the weekend, Jackson developed a stuffy nose and by yesterday evening, I was feeling pretty crummy too. This is the first time I have been sick since Jackson was born and being a sick mommy is no fun. With all the sneezing, sore throat and sinus pressure, I'm tired and grumpy and just not feeling like myself. Wish Justin luck in taking care of both of us!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Unwanted First

Well, we have come to the end of our first full week of daycare...well, I take that back...we didn't quite make it the whole week. We got called by the daycare late this afternoon saying that Jackson had had two episodes of diarrhea which won him an early trip home and no return for 24 hours. Ugh. So here's our unfortunate but inevitable entry for the baby book--Jackson's first sickness.

He really seems pretty ok. A little sleepier than usual, but he hasn't had another episode since right after I picked him up. We called the doctor, sent Daddy to the store for some Pedialyte and then snuggled up for a nap together. Hopefully he's on the mend...perhaps he just wanted a three day weekend with mom and dad. I hate that he's sick but I'm happy to get to spend the morning with him tomorrow (Justin is taking the afternoon).

Hopefully tomorrow he will wake up feeling like this...

Instead of like this...

Our first week of full days has been ok. He had a rough day on Monday and cried most of the afternoon. In the words of his teacher, "he just wanted to be held the whole time and we have 7 other babies so we can't". =( But the rest of the week has been fine until today. I go visit him every day at lunch so I think that helps both of us, but I still miss him like crazy throughout the day. We are settling into a routine and I'm emerging from my fuzzy mommy brain at work. We were looking forward to a trip to Nac this weekend to help my niece Annabelle celebrate her third birthday and to enjoy another day on the lake. Hopefully little man feels better so we can make the trip!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The boy has a lot to say...

There are many things about which Jackson is very passionate. Here he is telling me about a few of them.

I've never been happier about making it to Friday! While some of you are lucky to have a 3-day weekend ahead of you, we do not, but I am excited enough about 2 entire uninterrupted days to hang out with my boys and watch COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bedtime Antics

After our early morning yesterday, Jackson was acting tired earlier in the evening so we attempted to put him to bed a little early (maybe 30 minutes early). We went through our normal bedtime routine, I rocked him until he was all but asleep and then put him in his little crib in our room. A few minutes later I go in to check on him and this is what I find...

This went on for literally 45 minutes. So, thank you Grandma Ann for making the bumper for us! Jackson obviously loves it, even if it keeps him up at night! After this, I had a "duh mommy" moment and turned out the lamp. Then he couldn't see the polka dots anymore and just went to sleep. =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Update on our first (half) day

A huge thank you to all of you who were saying prayers and sending positive thoughts my way! Today went just about as well as we could have hoped. It's going to take me a while to adjust to my new normal wake up time of 6:00 (Pre-baby I woke up around 7:15). But that way I can be ready around 6:35 and have about an hour with Jackson in the mornings. I wouldn't trade that time for anything but, whoa, that felt early. So I was up extra early and multi-tasked, using my getting ready time as some quiet prayer time too. Today I really felt a sense of peace about the whole situation that I had not felt before.

So I got ready then got Jackson up and ready. He was not too keen on our earlier wake up time either but drowsily had his breakfast and let us dress him. Daddy went with us today and at 7:35, we were off. We arrived and got him settled in. He was still so sleepy so we wrapped him in his swaddle blanket and put him in his crib. I teared up as we were saying goodbye but compared to the crazy lady crying I did there last week when we went to turn in our paperwork and such, I handled it like a champ. I went straight to work and only called to check in once! His teacher said he did great and mostly just napped a lot, had a bottle and played. He was getting ready for nap #2 when I got there to pick him up at noon.

So half days are doable! Monday will be another big hurdle with our first full day.

No post is complete without a cute Jackson picture so here's one I took yesteday with my phone...

And not related at all to this post and a couple of weeks old but I know none of the grandparents/aunts/cousins will mind...