Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

I was a lucky lady to get to sleep in on Mother's Day and awake to the smell of bacon and EXCITED boys delightedly crawling in my bed, whisper shouting "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!" We opted to skip the breakfast in bed part since Ben would very much want to be a part of things this year but he's not quite ready to eat anywhere but in his high chair. My omelet, waffles and bacon were delicious and be jealous ladies...I have a husband who also does the dishes...every day!

Photos of me and the boys were attempted before church but the sun mostly thwarted our plans.

We found a less squinty place after church instead. I love being mom to these three!

And they sure know how to spoil a lady!

I've been dying to see Beauty and the Beast, but I could not convince the boys to go see it with me. They had gotten it in their heads that it was going to be scary for some reason. I knew they would love it despite their refusals so I played the, "it's Mother's Day so I get to pick" card and off we went.

We all loved it of course!

I hope all of you moms out there felt as loved and celebrated as I did! Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mother's Day Eve

Grammy and Pop coming to town to drop off Andrew after his week with them gave us the opportunity to celebrate Mother's Day with Gram with a dinner out. I love my mom!

Maybe Andrew did miss us just a little!

By Saturday morning, the big boys were already at each other's throats. Distance did not make the hearts grow fonder in their case. Both had enjoyed calling the shots for the last week, and the other was now an imposition. I needed an activity to distract them and fast! A few containers, some water and food coloring and everyone was happy. For at least 20 minutes anyway!

They really do love each other! (most of the time)

This little one is growing up entirely too quickly! I can't stand it!

Jackson has pretty much completely dropped the afternoon nap. He still has to lay down and rest while we get Andrew to sleep, but then he can get up and play quietly. On this day, he was delighted because we played Uno AND he got to chew gum! What a treat!

Precious time with my big boy.

Andrew woke up a little while later and was especially cuddly for a few minutes before fully waking up. I soaked up the snuggles while they lasted!

What a great warm-up for Mother's Day!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Camp Cabin in the Woods - Andrew Edition

Camp Cabin in the Woods opened for its first session of the Summer 2017 season, with Andrew as the lucky first camper! We met up with the Camp Directors (AKA: Grammy and Pop) after our Natural Bridge Caverns adventure and Andrew excitedly grabbed his suitcase out of the van and was on his way for his solo adventure!

Grammy is a great Camp Director AND Photo Journalist. We got photo and text updates each day of camp, which was good because our happy camper was way too busy to stop and talk to us on the phone!

Andrew settled right in on Monday, picking fresh blackberries from Gram and Pop's backyard and helping Gram and Pop unpack after the trip.
Nothing better than fresh picked blackberries and ice cream!
Building with Pop
On Monday, they attempted to do some fishing but it sounds like the fish weren't biting this time. I suspect they had a pretty good time tooling around the lake in the boat anyway.

Picnic lunch under the gazebo.
On Tuesday they headed into town for a busy day of eye doctor appointments, lunch at Pizza Hut with Pop while Gram had lunch with a friend, and even a trip to the bank. Andrew was excited because they actually went INSIDE the bank. Poor child thinks we've been holding out on him for never letting him go inside before! They managed to squeeze in another boat ride that afternoon and more al fresco dining for dinner!

Dinner Time!

Wednesday was spent washing the cars (fun when you're 4!), riding the four wheeler, exploring the woods, and BB guns with Pop. And more fresh blackberries and vanilla ice cream for dessert that evening! Gram reported that he requested that exact dessert every night.

They went into town again on Thursday, this time for Andrew's favorite fried shrimp for lunch and then a movie!
Fried shrimp lunch and then a movie.

On Friday, the day they were bringing Drew back home, I texted mom and asked, "Is Andrew sad to be leaving the Cabin in the Woods?" Mom's response: "He said he wants to stay here forever. But he says he wants to see his family sometimes."  A week in his favorite place, doing all of his favorite activities, eating all of his favorite foods, and undivided attention from two of his favorite people...can you blame him for wanting to stay forever?

Thanks for loving him so well, Grammy and Pop!