Saturday, July 21, 2018

Camp Cabin in the Woods: Andrew Session

After our long July 4th holiday as a family at the Cabin in the Woods, Andrew was staying for his solo week with Gram and Pop. He was a bit eager for us to leave, evidenced by his frequent query of "How much longer til you leave?" Much to his delight we left after breakfast on Saturday morning and the fun officially started!

He and Pop kicked off camp Cabin in the Woods at Pop's workbench to build a special project.

Ta-da! He's so proud of his birdhouse!

Target practice followed.

He ended his great day 1 with some Grammy snuggles.

The next day was not his favorite of the week, but hey, you gotta buy groceries some time, and his patience was rewarded with a little Chicken Express.

Back at the Cabin he helped Pop install a new ceiling fan. Oh boy!

Andrew's Monday was better than most of ours with a morning spent on the lake fishing. He and Pop caught 5 fish!

He had to go to a couple of doctor's appointments with Gram and Pop in the afternoon, but he was handsomely rewarded for being good at the doctors' offices!

And the day ended on a high note as well with a fire in the fire pit for toasting marshmallows.

Even though this sweet boy would rather his marshmallows untoasted, he will still tell you they taste better when eaten around a campfire!

Tuesday was Andrew's lake day with all the tubing he wanted since there was no one else waiting to take a turn!

He ended his day with some swinging.

On Wednesday morning, he went to work with Pop which apparently wore him out! 

But his quick nap left him refreshed and excited to see Incredibles 2!

An evening 4-wheeler ride capped off this day.

Thursday was a rainy day but they made the best of it!

Friday was spent in town with a pizza lunch and a trip to the Old Stone Fort.

For his last evening at the Cabin in the Woods he picked a game night.

The next morning we met Gram and Pop to reunite with our boy and no one was more excited than Ben who had missed him big time!

Thank you Gram and Pop for loving our sweet middle so well and making him feel so special and valued!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Splash Kingdom

Our last day at the Cabin in the Woods started slow with more porch time and 4 wheeler rides.

We ended the day though with a trip into town for an afternoon at Splash Kingdom!

It's been two years since we've been to Splash Kingdom, so Andrew is now tall enough for the big slides, and both of the big boys can now touch bottom in the lazy river. Which, as it turns out, makes it not quite so lazy with all of their jumping in and out of tubes!

It was still Gram's favorite attraction!

The big boys were eager to get to the big slides...

...and convinced Pop to go with them!

I was there too!

This is how Ben felt about not being able to go on the big slides. Sorry Benny, probably another two years for you!

Jackson and Pop were the dynamic duo for all of the big slides!

But Pop's little buddy Andrew didn't get left out either!

Ben's happiest moments were playing with the foam!

Does this count as a bath?

We tried to get Ben to try out the little kid slide area early in the visit and he wasn't into it. The last 30 minutes though he couldn't get enough of it!

This is about how we all felt after a few hours!