Thursday, February 21, 2019

Pinewood Derby 2019

The new year ushered in full swing Pinewood Derby preparations. There wasn't a moment to spare because this year there were TWO cars to build. Andrew was thrilled to join the fun with power tools this year! 

Jackson is an old pro by now. Next year he will be doing it all by himself, which I suppose is the point.

Painting is not quite as fun as power tools, but enjoyable nonetheless!

Daddy poured his heart (and hours) into putting on all the finishing touches so their visions could become reality!

Finally race day!!

All weighed, checked in and ready to go!

At the end of the day, they had an excellent showing. But most impressive is that Daddy couldn't have made two more even cars. Out of 46 entries they finished in 4th and 5th place with Andrew's car coming in just one one thousandth of a second faster than Jackson's. Amazing!

Great job, guys!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Valentine's Day

You know what I love about Valentine's Day?

Surprise tulips at work from that special someone....

Precious boys excited to share their special Valentine's with their friends...

I even love the rare quiet in the backseat on the ride home from school after all that sugar wore off...

Smiles on faces when they find DOLLARS in their cards!

And my heart melts over handmade cards, so proudly thrust into my hands the moment I get home. Particularly when all that pride is accompanied by the following conversation:

Andrew: Mommy, I wrote with my very best handwriting.
Me: I can see that buddy! You did an awesome job! I love it and you!
Andrew: yeah, and I also drew one of those fat babies with the bow and arrow!

You know what I do not love?

Making Valentine's boxes. I mean, can't the kids just get a paper sack at school and decorate it with a heart doily, crayon their name on and call it a day like we did when we were kids? Have you dared to type "Valentines Box" into that Pinterest search bar? Trust me, just avoid the inevitable feelings of inadequacy and just don't do it.  I already do super cutesy, custom Valentines for each kid. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME, WORLD? I just can't with one more thing. So we covered some boxes with wrapping paper and stickers and called it a day. It was fine. 

Also, I would advise that you just leave tulips where they are rather than moving them on Day 5 when they are already feeling a little tired. But if you have to lug them home because you are going out of town for a conference, the toddler's carseat does provide a fantastic, secure method of transporting them home without the vase tipping over in transit.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Monday Funday

When the Monday of a three day weekend aligns with a perfectly beautiful winter day, you get outside! 

Look at those perfect stairsteps! That middle step is catching up quick though!

Annie wanted to get those ducks so bad!

Our go-to, we-need-to-get-these-boys-outside-to-burn-off-some-energy-right-now is typically geocaching. We hadn't found the 5 caches at Central Park yet so we set off on our mission.

We managed to find 4 out of the 5, so not so shabby! More importantly, we walked a couple of miles, filled our lungs with fresh air, gave our winter skin a dose of Vitamin D, and shared giggles, shouts of triumph and made some happy memories of a family adventure. That's a day well spent!