Monday, September 17, 2018

Cabin in the Woods...with Friends!

The boys were so excited to have their friends join them at the Cabin in the Woods (and mom was too!) They were up with the sun (perhaps even before), and were dressed in their swimsuits ready to go before I had finished my pancakes. 

Finally, lake time! No visit with the Acosta and Malnar kids is complete without the requisite oldest to youngest group shot!

How many kids can you fit on a tube?

So sorry to anyone in the vicinity who was hoping for a quiet, peaceful morning on the lake. Shrieks, exclamations of joy, random singing, and the occasional bicker for space on the floats filled the air for several hours.

We loved getting to share our favorite place with our friends!

Perhaps my favorite "mom" picture of Amber to date...when you forget the swim diaper in the boat, you swim to get it then swim back, clutching it in your teeth to keep it from getting wet which would make it impossible to get on. Parenting level 10 skill unlocked. Well done, friend!

Andrew showed Alex how to do canon balls off the side of the boat.

And Alex showed him how he could do it too!

The happiest faces are found at the lake!

We made it back to the house before the rain started, then spent the afternoon playing in the box fort and a little tv time.

A little afternoon rain always makes the prettiest sunsets! We didn't miss it this night!

Evie and Jillian are both used to being outnumbered by the boys and were so so so glad to have each other this visit!

And I was so grateful for some quality time spent with this lady.

Let's make this a Labor Day tradition, ok?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Labor Day Weekend

The boys survived their first two weeks of school, and I survived the last NSCs and Howdy Week and we celebrated by escaping to the Cabin in the Woods for one last summer hurrah.

Mel, Josh and Evie were there too which gave us the opportunity to snap a picture of these cousin tooth twins! On this day, they were missing the exact same two teeth! So fun! 

On Saturday morning, we were all excited for some boat time!

All the kids got to do a little tubing.

The tube is apparently too boring for our oldest thrill seeker, so he has to spice it up by standing up and dancing in the tube.

Benny loves sitting with Aunt Melly on the boat because she lets him put his hand in the water. =D

And Pop lets him help drive the boat!

Strike a pose, Evie!

The kids did a little boarding too. Mr. Hot Shot learned how to cross the wake this time!

Despite increasing cloudiness and a spattering of sprinkles, we got some good swimming time in too.

We headed back to the house for naps and when we woke up, our friends had arrived!

Right after dinner we walked down to the lake to wear the kids out to see the sunset.

We were a couple of minutes too late for the sunset but it was still beautiful!

More lake fun was still to come!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Happy Birthday, Justin!

Our favorite, real life superhero just had a birthday! As is our tradition, we celebrated with donuts before school. 

Yes, that is a Hulk candle because he's Justin's favorite. =)

Make a wish, babe!

Everybody was happy to help Daddy celebrate!

Justin and I continued his birthday celebrations that night with a rare date night, complete with strawberry tarts! No pictures, but I can assure you they were delicious! Happy birthday, babe!