Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Down, set, hike!

Jackson and Andrew will both be playing flag football this fall, so our backyard has turned into a practice field!

Jackson is eager to learn and is a bit more coachable at this point, but Andrew is fast and naturally athletic. It will be interesting to see how they do!

Reserve your lawn chairs now to see these two in action on Saturdays this fall!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Houston Date Day

Last Friday, Justin and I dropped the kids off at school and then headed to Houston for a day date! 
Empty carseats, full hearts!
I love having him all to myself!

We were headed to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Ron Mueck sculpture exhibit. It was incredible!

This particular sculpture was the size of my minivan. Just the sheer scale of it and thinking through the logistics of how he created it was mind-boggling. And then the detail! You half expected these giant folk to just stand up and start walking.

I was looking at this piece when an older woman, probably in her 70s, approached. As she looked at it she said, "awww how sweet." Perhaps she was referring to the baby, gazing up at his mama. But when I saw it I immediately recognized the exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed. The other patron was obviously a bit farther removed from being that new mom venturing out for the first time, sleep-deprived, hair thrown in a ponytail because it hasn't been washed in who knows how long, and feeling a bit out of sorts because suddenly everything has changed. Even a quick trip to the grocery store is a daunting task. Yeah, maybe I could relate.

The last piece in the exhibit was a wee little newborn.

He got it all right except for the toenails. Maybe it was just my babies, but they never came out with toenails looking so well groomed and defined! Our babies had paper thin, ragged nails. Surely I am not alone in this?

We checked out all the other exhibits too, and of course we had to find a Jackson Pollock to show our Action Jackson!

We strolled the museum, walked to a yummy lunch spot in the museum district, then headed back to College Station with a quick stop at the outlet malls. The best part though? 8 hours of uninterrupted conversation and quality time with my favorite!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

It's Not Goodbye

So I'm still somewhat in denial, but our friends the Acostas are moving. Cue ugly cry. They had a combo birthday party for Alex and goodbye party for the whole gang last weekend, and I did better to just think of it as Alex's birthday!

I can't believe these two friends won't see each other every day of their lives now! 

If you forgot about the whole goodbye part, it was really easy to smile and have fun at the pool party!

The kids weren't the only ones to have fun. The pool had a slide but you had to be at least 48" to use it. So that excluded about 90% of the kids in attendance. It didn't stop the moms though!

I can't believe he's 4! It feels like last week I was witnessing him being born!

While we are so sad to be losing our "every day" friends, we are excited to be gaining precious out of town friends. It will make our visits that much more special, and the good news is we already have a couple of sleepovers planned! And you know what's fun about sleepovers with out of town friends? We get the kids to bed and then the mommies can stay up and drink wine and chat without having to referee a bunch of kids! 

So it is definitely not goodbye, it's see you later sweet friends!