Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ben Sings the ABCs

Little Ben is getting so big! A week after his birthday, he officially graduated to the next class at his school. He's loving his new big kid class, and mom and dad are excited because the mission of this class is POTTY TRAINING! Go Ben go! (Do you see what I did there?)

I had reported in his 23 month update that he could sing his ABCs but we've just been able to catch it on video. He also can count to 13 now! WHAT?! (poor boy with his hiccups!)

Friday, October 13, 2017

This is 5

Andrew is 5!

From the moment this boy wakes in the morning, he's a little ray of silly sunshine. He's our early riser, always the first to rise on the weekends and frequently on weekdays too, even when my alarm is set to go off at some ungodly hour. 

Andrew is the most helpful and polite of our boys. He likes to help in the kitchen or with the project of the day, like when he helped me dye the rice for Ben's birthday party! He frequently comes to the kitchen when we are getting ready for dinner and asks how he can help. 

Andrew is more of the strong silent type. His storytelling is direct, and we never get a lot of details from him despite our best efforts.  He is the most easy-going of all of our boys, such that when he has the occasional typical kiddo outburst it always catches us by surprise. 

He is so tough, except when it comes to shots! I've seen him fall off of his scooter going full speed, skin his knee, and get right back up and start scooting. But come near him with a needle, and it's going to take a couple of people to restrain him and he will still be sniveling about it 10 minutes later. 
There's nothing cooler when you're 5 than new Star Wars shoes with light-up sabers!

He is silly and mischievous. If there's someone in the house riled up, Andrew probably caused it. He does it in a good-natured way, but he sure knows how to push his brothers' buttons! And the cat's. And the dog's. And his parents'. 

Andrew is creative and bright. Like his older brother, he loves to play with legos, but unlike Jackson who prefers to follow the directions for a set with precision, Andrew prefers a freer approach. He comes up with the most interesting and imaginative creations. He loves to be read to, and is especially enjoying Berenstain Bear books these days. He is always listening and comprehending even when we think he isn't. When we were reading Harry Potter with Jackson, Andrew would usually be up around the room playing with toys instead of attentively listening. It would seem that he wasn't listening at all, but when I would stop and ask Jackson questions about the book, Andrew often supplied the answer before Jackson could reply. 

As for favorites, here are a few his school collected from him on his birthday. Pay particular attention to what he says he is wishing for...

Yep, he is wishing for being a teenager. Oh lordy. Slow down buddy! It also melted my heart that he said his cousins are his best friends!

Additionally, we did our traditional birthday interview and here's what he had to say for himself:

What do you want for your birthday? Captain American thing, that laser gun, Jackson Storm Car Carrier

What is your favorite color? Dark Blue & Light Blue

What is your favorite center at school? Quiet Center and Home Center

What is your least favorite center at school? *Long Pause* That's hard. I like them all. 

What do you like to do with your family? Go to Grand Station.

What is your favorite book? That's hard. I just like all of them. 

What is your favorite tv show? Ready Jet Go, Arthur and Martha Speaks

What is your favorite movie? Sing!

Where is your favorite place to go? Spoons (frozen yogurt)

What makes you happy? Spoons!

What makes you sad? When I don't get a hug in the morning.

Who is your best friend? Hadley. 

What is your favorite food? Pizza and tacos.

What is your favorite toy? Jackson Storm Car Carrier

What song do you love to sing? I don't know. 

What are you really good at? I don't know.

What is your favorite restaurant? Pizza restaurant.

What does your mommy do for a job? You work at A&M.

What does your daddy do for a job? He works at TTI.

What do you think about before you fall asleep at night? I think about the dream I'm having and what I'm going to have in my dream.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A zipliner.

We are going to be soaking up every single bit of 5, because this is really Andrew's last year as a little kid. Next year he will start kindergarten and all the big kid things that go with it. But no matter what, I can't imagine a sweeter middle in our band of brothers! Happy big 5, sweet man!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Super Birthday Party!

We kept on celebrating our super 5 year old Andrew on into the weekend with his big superhero party! 

Can you believe that we have made it through 13 boy birthday parties and this is our first Superhero party? It was such a fun theme! We held the party at a local trampoline park so it was thankfully a very easy party! Set-up only took 15 minutes and we were all ready! Each kiddo got their superhero cape and mask when they arrived which made for some super cute jumpers, and doubled as their party favor.

Jackson called dibs on the batman cape!


Ironman Ben was so precious. He was absolutely delighted to put on his cape and mask and wore it for the entire party!

I think it's safe to say all of the little superheroes had a great time!

The birthday boy requested donuts for his treat which seemed to go over well with all of his guests!

Thanks to everyone who came out to party with Andrew! He felt SO loved!

May you always feel so celebrated and adored precious Andrew!